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Watch this 1983 Giants-Dodgers game

Mike Marshall plows into Duane Kuiper in the bottom of the 2nd inning.

Atlee Hammaker

35 years ago, the Giants started out the season with a modicum of hope. It was late May and they rolled into Dodger Stadium to face the Dodgers, who they trailed in the standings by 8.5 games at 23-20. Maybe a good showing there would give them some hope the rest of the way.

They won the first game of the series and Atlee Hammaker started the second game.

The Giants didn’t escape their 6-3 unscathed. In the bottom of the 2nd inning, you’ll see Mike Marshall plow into Duane Kuiper on a chopper that bounces over Hammaker. Kuiper would be out until July 8th. However, his replacement, Joel Youngblood, his a 2-run home run in the 6th inning to pad the Giants’ 4-1 lead.

This was an old KTVU broadcast, so you’ll see some really old commercials, including the Giants marketing slogan for the season.

Of course, the 1983 season did not end well for the Giants. They finished 79-83, 12 games back of the Dodgers. It also preceded the 96-loss 1984 season and 100-loss 1985 season. So, this was, essentially, as good as it got for them before it all went very badly for a while.