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McCovey Chronicles Roundtable: Pitcher GIFs

The only thing that makes sense in this world is expressing feelings through moving images.

San Franciso Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Last time, the staff came up with the best GIFs for Giants hitters. This time, we’re finishing up the 25 man roster by pitching our best pitcher GIFs.

Madison Bumgarner

Bryan Murphy, Managing Editor:

This might be the high point of Bumgarner’s season.

Johnny Cueto

Bryan Murphy, Managing Editor:

Nothing captures his spirit better: he will never stop having fun, but in the end, it will always blow up in his face in a charming fashion.

Jeff Samardzija

Bryan Murphy, Managing Editor:

Look, things aren’t going too well for Jeff Samardzija this season. It’s tough to find something that captures his overall “essence”. Plus, that last GIF feels like it got lost to history on account of the team being so dreadful last year and Christian Arroyo being traded in the offseason. Let us never forget it.

Ty Blach

Bryan Murphy, Managing Editor:

Little pumps of joy to show the modicum of relief he tends to provide from time to time. This is such an inconsequential, non-boat rocking gif it fits Blach.

Andrew Suarez

Bryan Murphy, Managing Editor:

It’s Andy Samberg! And the caption is... vaguely... baseball related! Yeah, I got nothing.

Dereck Rodriguez

After pitching a clean inning or getting out of a mess unscathed:

After a dominant start:

Bryan Murphy, Managing Editor:

Admittedly, neither of these are very original as all we really know about him besides his lineage is that he’s obsessed with DC Comics and has a Catwoman tattoo on his arm. I’m just waiting for Carmen or @gidget to find some interesting looks from him at some point.

Derek Holland

Bryan Murphy, Managing Editor:

Nothing says Dutch Oven like... an image... of a dutch oven in progress? Maybe a better image would be this non-gif where he looks like a total goober:

Will Smith

Bryan Murphy, Managing Editor:

Rather than avoid this, why not just lean into it?

Tony Watson

Bryan Murphy, Managing Editor:

If we’re being honest with ourselves, Tony Watson’s public persona doesn’t have a lot of juice behind it. Part of why he’s so great, though, is how he dutifully and boringly goes about his business. He’s an emotionless out machine. Maybe I could’ve gone with a Tony Stark gif here, but that would be almost too exciting. And using an actual gif of him from a game scenario wouldn’t be very fun, either. So, here’s Martin Freeman as John Watson from the BBC’s lame “Sherlock” series (“Elementary” is way better), shaking his head and saying “No” as though he just halted the opponent’s scoring opportunity. It kinda works.

Sam Dyson

The Dougletic’s Doug Bruzzone:

It’s Dyson, Snuckles, and Grant. What else do you need?

This is the first time we’ve had Grant on the site in GIF form since, I think, this series:


He hasn’t aged a day!

Hunter Strickland

Kenny Kelly, Staff Writer:

This is how I feel whenever I hear Hunter Strickland is coming into a close game.

Reyes Moronta

Bryan Murphy, Managing Editor:

If Madison Bumgarner hugs you, that’s your gif.

This roundtable occurred before the debut and subsequent emergence of Ray Black, so there’s nothing official here, but these are my suggestions:

Add in your suggestions below.