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Tuesday BP, 7/24/18

San Francisco Giants v Oakland Athletics Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Brandon Belt took to the Brandon Blog this week to discuss the birth off his second son, August “Augie” Kyle Belt, whose name holds particular significance to Brandon. The youngest Belt was, as you likely know, named after Brandon’s coach at the University of Texas, Augie Garrido, who had a huge impact on his life. Belt goes on to tell us about Garrido, who passed away in March of this year, and the impact he had on Belt’s life and game.

He was big on playing small ball, moving guys over. “If hitting is the hardest skill in sports, then why in the hell are you going to concentrate on trying to beat somebody with hitting?” he once said. “Find something else. Running is easier. Bunting is much easier.” Everyone bunted to move runners over no matter how powerful you were. When you see me bunt to beat the shift, you can thank Augie.

You can read the rest over at the Brandon Blog, or whatever they’re calling it these days: