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WATCH: Buster Posey’s draft day

It’s been 10 years.

San Francisco Giants Victory Parade Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Now here’s something that would’ve been great to post during a McDeep Dive, but instead, here it is... just 10 years ago... the Giants drafted Buster Posey and ESPN had some opinions:

Peter Gammons substantiates his mild skepticism about drafting a catcher in the first round, but everyone around the table seems to agree that there’s a lot of upside. The subdued nature of the proceedings vaguely remind me of the response to the Joey Bart selection. Does this mean it will go as well as this one did? Hah. We’ll see.

We also get to hear Buster Posey interviewed on live television and it’s funny. Buster has come a long way in developing his interview voice.

Still, take a look back to simpler days when ESPN was the best source for baseball news and the Giants were a listless franchise in dire need of a makeover.