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The last game of the 1978 season was 1 hour, 41 minutes long because of love

It’s not always about the players just wanting to get out of there — sometimes they want other people to get out even faster.

Southwest Airlines Reports Tripling Of Quarterly Profits, Due Largely To Tax Reform Benefits Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

With so many stories to recall in its storied franchise, our new “Orange & Past” feature series will spotlight some of those that had been lost to time...

Not every search turns up a really great video or important article. Most of time, you get nothing, or stuff that’s already been taken down because of sites moving away from Flash (::cough::, or stuff you forgot you already wrote about. Then there are those very few times where you get something that can only be categorized as “random-ass”.

Here’s one of those.

In my hunt for anything 1978 Giants-related (a team that played 3 years before I was born), I came across this archived LiveJournal post from 2004 that’s apparently from a Giants’ clubhouse attendant. It’s a fun story about romance and commitment during the long slog of a baseball season and what the team around you is willing to do in order to pick each other up and try to make life a little bit easier for guys they’ve been in the trenches with for six-plus months.