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Watch Bob Costas narrate “Champions by the Bay”

The Giants-A’s rivalry transcends garbage cans filled with Giants hats.

World Series T-shirt

Some of you may have heard of this but have never seen it, some of you may have seen it but haven’t watched it in a long time, and some of you might be like me and have seen it, own it, and watched it recently. No matter what category you’re in, here’s the World Series video put out by Major League Baseball for the 1989 World Series between the Giants and the A’s called Champions by the Bay, narrated by Bob Costas.

Of course, it’s impossible for this to be about anything other than the earthquake, but there’s some solid non-earthquake stuff in here. The main thing I’ve always remembered is the scene where the Giants couldn’t get a clear signal to hear the radio broadcast of the Padres game to know if they’d won the division. That brief bit of tension has stayed with me ever since I saw this as a 9-year old. Yes, I’m very old. And now you can laugh at the past by watching the video below:

So, as you can see, the Giants have never really done anything to ruin the A’s lives, but you’d never know it to listen to the A’s or their fans.