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Brandon Belt needs your help

You can bid on a game-worn World Series jersey of his.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re in the market for game-worn World Series memorabilia and want to help out a famil who will be struggling to fund medical treatment for a recent cancer diagnosis, then Brandon Belt has got you covered:

Here is the link to the Team Thompson Facebook Group where the live auction will stream, and here’s some more information about the family and their circumstances:

This group was created so all those who want to support Hannah and Seth Thompson have somewhere to stay updated with events and fundraisers being put together to support them. Seth is a Lufkin Police officer who puts his life on the line everyday for the citizens in our community and has been through 2 battles with cancer and went into remission about 2 months ago, now Hannah was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer on May 9th 2018 and its now been upgraded to stage 4 because a bone scan and biopsy showed the cancer has metastasized in her bones.

Lufkin is where Brandon Belt grew up, played little league, and went to high school. He’s got roots there and maintaining a connection there feels perfectly in line with everything we know about him through his persona. We just expect Brandon Belt to be a hometown kid.

Unrelated, but related: here’s a video of Brandon and Haylee Belt talking a little bit about Lufkin, but mainly, the type of home and type of town where they prefer to live.

If you’re not in the market for a jersey like this, consider spreading the word about the auction. The auction is tomorrow, Saturday, July 21st at 6pm.