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Friday BP, 7/20/18

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T-Mobile Home Run Derby
This looks like the cover of a memorial album for a deceased rapper.
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

It’s make or break time for the Giants and they’re due back home on July 26th for 4 games against the Brewers. They won’t be home very much in August, so next week is your best chance to see them when it matters most and StubHub has great seats at great prices.

When you go to the stadium to take in Steven Duggar’s defense in person, remember that the Giants probably weren’t even supposed to be in this position. They were terrible last year. Unforgettably bad. I have no idea why I’m reminding you of this, except to say that competitive baseball is clearly better than the non-competitive variety, and you can’t say these Giants haven’t been competitive.

In the meantime, as a conversation stimulator, if you had to use your brain and creativity to help the Giants win this season (no tanking!), what’s the one move you would try to make at the deadline (keeping in mind that money very much is an object with the ownership edict of resetting the CBT)?