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The top five GIFs from the first half

#TBT to the first half which was... okay?

MLB: Game 1-Los Angeles Dodgers at San Francisco Giants Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know what I was expecting coming into the 2018 season. Part of me was filled with hopes and my brain was already picturing confetti on market street. And the other half of me was conditioned to expect nothing with the misery that had followed me since the 2016 all-star break came and went.

As always, I could always lean on my forever friend, animated GIFs, to help me feel joy. GIFs have never done me dirty. GIFs, I love you.

And with this awkward segue, I wanted to run you through my favorite GIFs from the first half of the season:

Pablo Pitching

This might be the top moment of 2018, GIFs aside. On the first game of a doubleheader against the Dodgers, the Giants were getting blown out and it had all the makings of another stinker. But in an instant, everything changed. Pablo Sandoval lumbered to the mound and threw a clean inning, to the amusement of literally everyone in baseball. Rest easy know that Sandoval has a better ERA than Clayton Kershaw, Giants fans.

Let this be a lesson that if Pablo Sandoval can pitch in the Major Leagues, you can do anything you put your mind to.

New Couple Alert

If you asked me to rank the guys who would be most likely to become bros in a bromantic comedy, I probably would have put Brandon Belt and Joe Panik almost dead last after Buster Posey and Sam Dyson. Yet here we are and it looks like they’ve been nurturing a secret love all along.

Buntin’ With Bochy

It’s been pretty well documented this season that uh... no one can lay down a bunt. It came to daily bunting practice, spearheaded by Bruce Bochy, to really drive home the point that bunting is important, guys. My favorite part of this GIF is Madison Bumgarner in the background being like, “can’t relate.”

Clubbin’ in the Clubhouse

Did you know the Giants have a rave or something after their walk-off victories? Yeah me neither. This GiF shows Austin Jackson being interviewed while Bochy walks into what looks like a strobe-lit clubhouse with music bumpin’. I don’t hate it.

The Ballot Brothers

I had a hard time deciding between Andrew McCutchen dancing to Drake or this one but ultimately, I can’t deprive Derek Holland lubed up in baby oil from a nod in this “Best of” list. Not only is Holland just completely extra in this, but I have a feeling Hunter Pence went completely rogue when ripping his shirt in half. Have you ever tried ripping open a brand new t-shirt? Because I have, and it’s hard (or I’m weak) (probably both).

Plenty more GIFs deserve honorable mention but I’ll save them for a rainy day (seriously, I’ll probably post them during a rain-delay).

Until then, enjoy the rest of the all-star break and strap yourselves in for the second half guys. IT’S COMING.