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Renel and Barry Bonds go way back

Episode 3 of the “Forever Giants” show goes big just in time for the All-Star Game.

MLB: San Diego Padres at San Francisco Giants John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven’t caught SFG Productions’ 60th anniversary-inspired TV show, “Forever Giants”, then you’ve missed out on beloved Bay Area personality and Giants PA announcer Renel Brooks-Moon sitting and chatting for 20 minutes with Dave Dravecky and Jeffrey Leonard.

In this week’s episode, released just in time for the All-Star Break, she sits down with the Home Run King, Barry Bonds, and has him laughing and smiling the whole time.

Bonds talks about how his mother was “the backbone” of their family, his initial feelings about the game of baseball, his first Little League at bat, and how he’s, generally, an introvert. He speaks at length on this last point and how being quiet generally worked against him in life.

Unfortunately, Renel prompts his responses with the “Talk a little bit about” phrasing that I thought we were all working to remove from sports journalism, but here we are, and I’ll forgive Renel in this one instance because she and Bonds are friends and they’re drinking wine in the middle of the day.

They laugh a lot in this one, so it comes as no surprise that they don’t broach the subjects of either You Know What I’m Talking About or his history of domestic abuse. I’m mentioning this because the site’s coverage of Bonds has generally omitted that last part while frequently disregarding The Other Thing, but all of it is grist for the mill and/or a part of his legacy as a public figure so why ignore it now. Abuse victims are always ignored if the abuser is famous.

But, Bryan, you worthless trash writer, this is a baseball blog — stick to sports, idiot! Well, let’s not forget that what he did on the field helped what he did off of it.

Anyway. Love Renel. Love the Giants. And still love the the show. Can’t wait for episode 406: