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Tuesday BP, 7/17/18

Gatorade All-Star Workout Day Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

AT&T Park hosted the All-Star Game in 2007, and it was pretty close to what you’d want out of AT&T Park hosting the All-Star Game. Ichiro hit the first inside-the-park home run in the game’s history and we got to see Vladimir Guerrero hit some dingers in the Derby (which didn’t make up for “In a word: no.”, but still felt great), but Barry Bonds dashed our hopes by not participating in the Home Run Derby.

But that was the Derby. The actual game had stuff like Jake Peavy starting for the National League, Bonds going 0-for-2, and four other NL players in this game besides Peavy who would eventually become Giants. Can you name them?

Tonight, we’ll watch Brandon Crawford start in a suboptimal matchup against Chris Sale, but with all our hopes serving as wind at his back. Maybe he’ll make some sharp diving stops. Maybe he’ll hit an inside the park home run. In any case, go go Brandon Crawford.