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Monday BP, 7/16/18

Candlestick Park hosted the MLB All-Star Game in 1984.

Bears V 49ers

Okay, here it is: the complete broadcast of the 1984 All-Star Game at Candlestick Park.

Al Michaels and Howard Cossell were both in the booth, the Giants were represented by catcher Bob Brenly and outfielder Chili Davis (both reserves), and if you stick with it you’ll see commercials for the Eddie Murphy-Dudley Moore flop Best Defense and Reggie Jackson talking about the early evening #shadows at Candlestick Park.

Gary Carter’s wife, Sandy, got her own closeup after he hit a home run in the bottom of the 2nd inning to give the National League a 2-1 lead. She either looks like a Russian spy or the hair and makeup designers of The Americans made Kerri Russell up to look like Sandy Carter.

The game featured 19 future Hall of Famers who played in Candlestick Park at the peak of its dumpiness. Trash flying everywhere, pop ups nearly leading to three-player collisions in the shallow outfield, a chainlink fence — we have it so good now. Also, Jesse Orosco was on his second — and final — All-Star roster in what was his fifth season. His final MLB season was 2003 at age 46.

If you don’t want to watch the whole game, I highly recommend you at least jump to the end, around 2:52:45 when Dave Winfield comes to bat. You have to see how the game nearly ended. Would’ve been an all-timer.