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Get your All-Star gear right now!

BreakingT has put out an All-Star collection and New Era has put out their All-Star hat line

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MLB: San Francisco Giants at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

This is an ad! Our good friends at BreakingT have put out their official 2018 MLB All-Star Game All-Star Collection, officially licensed by the MLB Players’ Association, as always.

They have two limited edition shirts, one for the Home Run Derby (which does not feature Madison Bumgarner) and the All-Star Game itself (which, also, does not feature Madison Bumgarner):

I can understand not wanting to wear Tim and Eric-looking Rhys Hoskins on your front side, so if you’re into more subdued, BreakingT has got you covered:

The full rosters are on the back (Brandon Crawford and Buster Posey), but if neither of these fit your style or interest, then they still have the new B-Craw: Homegrown Hero shirt in stock as well as favorites like Belt Knows Best and Let Pablo Pitch.

Meanwhile, famous brand New Era has put out their line of 2018 All-Star Game hats:

The two main themes of this year’s caps are the vibrant color scheme that incorporate each team’s colorways, creating a retro feel, inspired by the current fashion trends in the headwear industry. Paying homage to the baseball caps from the 80’s and 90’s, these caps are modernized with metallic-silver embroidered star eyelets and other silver accents.

If you go to the link, then you’ll see that the first page covers the Nationals quite a bit and some retro stuff involving the Expos. Some very good retro stuff, mind you, but no Giants.

I’ve saved you the trouble of searching through page after page of unrelated caps to find the perfect Giants All-Star hat. It’s not the ridiculous red, white, and blue cap you may have seen, either, it’s this spiffy-looking one:

You can click here to see the full page and view it from different angles. The All-Star Game patch looks really good in orange and black. Anyway, New Era’s offering free shipping on all orders right now. I don’t see any money from this, so, I’m promoting New Era out of the kindness of my heart.

And just to show why I think it’s worth your valuable time to search their store, behold these neat and fun classic Expos hats.

Either would make a perfect gift for the most ironic person or Jonah Keri in your life.

But, folks, listen, I get it. Not all of these items might be for you. To that I say, just you wait. Very soon, we’ll all be getting exactly what we wanted but never knew we needed...

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