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Fans still can’t vote in the MLB All Star Final Vote

Despite being redirected to another page, there is still no guarantee that anyone’s votes are going through. What can MLB do to fix this?

Washington Nationals v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

They announced the leaders of the MLB All Star Final Vote campaign again this morning, and once again Brandon Belt was in second place. And almost immediately afterwards, the voting site crashed.

I was on a tab that had been open for two days, so I kept voting for over an hour, roughly ten times per minute so about 600 votes. Little did I know that the vote timestamp had been frozen at 8:50 am PT, approximately the time the site crashed, and none of my votes went through.

So I refreshed and got the same message as everyone else:


The Giants announced that you could still vote over at which was somewhat true, in that you could still enter captcha numbers. However there was no timestamp showing that your vote had been registered:

MLB changed the original voting site to redirect to the same page, but again, there are still no timestamps to verify that your vote is registering.

This problem is still ongoing, with a little over two hours left to vote, and is basically eliminating any chance the second place players have at making the cut. And since they never said how many votes each of them were from first place, we have no way of knowing if that will affect the outcome.

Obviously everyone has been unable to vote for any player, but the site going down roughly four hours before the end of the voting period effectively locks in this morning’s update as a final result. Despite a lot of people trying really hard to vote

So in my opinion, MLB should extend the voting by four hours once the site is fully functional, or allow the final two candidates in each league to participate.