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Appreciating Brandon Belt’s weirdness through photos

Beyond box score reasons to vote Brandon Belt in the ASG Final Vote

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I would like to tell you to vote for Brandon Belt for the #FinalVote for the All-Star Game based on what he’s accomplished in his career, his 2018 season, and all that stuff you would find on - and you SHOULD. But this article has nothing to do with that. This has everything to do with the weird, uncomplicated, and low-key funny and sarcastic Brandon Belt that has earned him the unwanted nickname of “Baby Giraffe” or that always makes him the butt of every Giants commercial:

Exhibit A,B, C, and D:

He is a good sport and puts up with a lot of ribbing from fans, broadcasters, and teammates. At the heart, I gotta believe it’s because people love his weirdness and goofy vibes because let’s be real, sometimes baseball is too serious and we all need a little more Brandon Belt levity in our lives.

Here are a few fun photos from the archives that reminds us why being weird is the new black (and orange):

He comes with a matching Brandon and he fully embraces it (literally)

The Giants now have two Derek/Derecks, Two Andrews, and before yesterday, they had two Austins (RIP, Austin Jackson era) but I think we can all admit that the Brandons are the true power couple of the namesakes.

Belt doesn’t mind sharing his nickname with someone who has beautiful albeit, constantly damp hair because he is secure in himself or he is trying to that friend with the “good personality” - either way, we like these two together and would love to see them frolick across a field together at the All-Star game.

He called his baby “it” in a postseason interview

Before Brandon Belt actually had a baby, I was like, “How can he have a kid?? He IS a kid.” In this postgame interview after clinching a trip to the World Series in 2014, holding his newborn baby son Grayson, Brandon made it clear that he hadn’t fully mastered the “being a parent” thing yet when this happened:

He’s sure come a long way with Baby number 2 on its way this year but that moment was so relatable because I know when I have a kid, it’s gonna be an “it” for about 3 years before I get it right.

He’s shameless

Kinda feel like Brandon Belt has no shame and he probably doesn’t. Speaking of his son Grayson, here is a picture Haylee Belt posted on her instagram of the Baby Giraffe at his son’s first birthday party shoveling cake into his mouth.

His Bartolo Colon imitation is perfection

I actually think Belt has a very pretty swing but I couldn’t resist using this forum to compare this one isolated incident to the swing of Bartolo Colon because I love and admire that man very much. Let’s take a look:


Sports Illustrated



Time to speculate if they’ve been seeing the same hitting coach.

A Belt Never Forgets

Only a few weeks ago Brandon Belt was caught in the act of ripping off Hunter Pence’s shirt during a walk-off:

This seemed like a really messed up thing to do (hey, that was a new jersey!) until you examine what happened back in 2013:

It seems like he holds a grudge. I’m still fully expecting Brandon Belt to one day deliver an epic turkey tapping to Brandon Crawford for all his attempts.

He wears his emotions on his sleeve

I honestly don’t remember the context of what was happening here, but whatever it was, it certainly wasn’t good.

He is a giraffe-whisperer

Still not 100% sure if Brandon even likes the nickname “Baby Giraffe” but he certainly has a way with his gangly spotted counterparts. I wonder how much coaxing it required to get Belt to do this but if I had to put money on it, it would be “none”

Also, #sensualbaseball. Also also, while we are on the topics of giraffes, this:

Underrated bromances

I think there are obvious bromances in the clubhouse between the Giants but Brandon Belt seems like the kind of guy who has several under-the-table situations. He maybe takes them to a Chinese restaurant where he won’t be spotted but deep down inside, he cares for them deeply. Here’s a precious moment between him and Joe Panik and this epitomizes this scenario:

Whatever, haters.

So. Much. This.

Don’t forget to cast your vote to send Brandon Belt to the All-Star game here! And if you haven’t checked out this post, please do - you could win one of 20 Croix De Belt Wars pins for voting.