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Saturday BP, 6/9/10


NBA: Finals-Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports


Listen, I get that this is a Giants blog. And you are here for Giants content. And I will have some of that. But friends, I am a Warriors fan and the Warriors swept the Cavaliers last night to win the NBA Finals and life is amazing. The Giants also won their game last night, which is great!

But as someone who got their sports writing start covering the Golden State Warriors, it was almost as fun going back to being a spectator this season!

And I’m not the only one happy about this! Let’s check in with our Giants:

And local boy Brandon Crawford, who included a gif for the occasion:

I’m gonna go off script here and say that LeBron James is one of the best players the game has ever seen. And he put up quite the effort, but his team couldn’t compete with this level of talent.

So the fact that they tried to come out after the game and say that he’d been playing with what they called the equivalent of a broken hand (a contusion) for the last three games is bull. After his herculean 51-point first game, he averaged about 30 points per game. I don’t think you can do that if your hand is broken.

But then again, LeBron James can work miracles. And it’s almost a shame that he has such a stigma when it comes to the playoffs. It’s not his fault the last four years have pitted him against one of the greatest teams of all time.

But the fact that people go out of their way to try to throw an asterisk on any Warriors victory is just sad and petty and I’m not here for it.

Celebrate, if you love the Warriors. And if you don’t, well, please allow us this brief moment to celebrate anyway. We are witnessing greatness. The Warriors and Giants now have a matching set of championships and this decade has been very, very good to all of us.