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Watch Andrew McCutchen interview Anthony Bourdain

The world lost a cultural icon today, but he left behind a priceless legacy.

The 2017 New Yorker Festival - Anthony Bourdain Talks With Patrick Radden Keefe Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for The New Yorker

If you hadn’t heard the news this morning, Anthony Bourdain was reported dead at 61. He’s touched so many lives through his curiosity and empathy and given American television audiences glimpses of the rest of the world they otherwise wouldn’t see in their homes. He was a celebrity chef, sure, but also a fantastic writer; a real raconteur.

Back in 2013, All-Star Andrew McCutchen hosted an interview show (called “All-Stars”) and lo and behold, one of his guests was Anthony Bourdain. As he puts it:

Here’s the interview. It’s short. The best part is when he talks about Popeye’s chicken, because he says exactly how I feel about the entire experience of eating any fried chicken or really any barbecue.

You’ll notice how nervous McCutchen is and how Bourdain picks up on that and is very generous with his own listening and responses. He will be missed.