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Flashback Friday: Brandon Crawford GIFs

He’s a human highlight reel so why not?

San Francisco Giants v Atlanta Braves Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Brandon Crawford - what more can you say about the man? This season after a slow start, he’s come out like a baseball bat out of hell (haha!!!! DID YOU GET THAT JOKE?)

To celebrate his walk-off against the Diamondbacks on Wednesday, I wanted to take a look back at some of my favorite Brandon Crawford GIFs ever:

That beautiful, beautiful hair

Can you even imagine Crawford with a crew cut? His locks are as part of his identity as turning a smooth double play. This GIF encapsulates his mane.

Speaking of how smooth he is...

Even with the MLB chock full of talented shortstops, Brandon makes quite the case for himself as the best on the infield. I probably had about 2038234 choices to pick from but here’s an arbitrary Gold Glove-worthy play to remind you how lucky we are to have Crawford in San Francisco


Years ago, Brandon Belt made the careless error of mentioning turkey taps to his teammates. To this day, Crawford delivers a healthy turkey tap (or attempted turkey tap) to his namesake after every Giants win. It’s become so popular, the other guys are also joining in on the turkey-tap fun. Poor Belt.

Dat sassiness doe..

This by far is my favorite GIF I have of Crawford. The ump had called Crawford out for not touching the base when rounding the corner in the previous at-bat. Crawford, being the sass-pot that he is, stomped on the bag in his next at-bat, mumbling “did I touch it that time?” and got himself tossed out of the game. Well-played, sir. Well-played.

Moody Crawford is exceptional

No one does brooding like Brandon Crawford. I mean...

King of handshakes

Not only is he the clubhouse DJ, I’ve heard Crawford is also the creator of handshakes for the team

He comes in a matching set

Two Brandons are better than one? I think that’s how the saying goes.

The man knows how to run into a dog pile

I have a sick fascination with watching dog piles in baseball over and over again. They are so great! I love how Brandon Crawford is not afraid to run into one, full-speed

Oh and he can hit a little bit..

Not only can he flash the leather but he can swing the bat.

This man is an all-star of the GIF world. Keep on keepin’ on, B-Craw.