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Thursday BP, 6/7/18

MLB: Colorado Rockies at San Francisco Giants Kiel Maddox-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time to check in on our favorite Brandons.

Brandon Belt kicked off this week’s Brandon blog talking about his recent experience undergoing surgery for his appendix. He discusses the network of the players’ families, specifically their wives, to help each other out and how he is thankful that off the field, many of them live close to each other for this reason.

Ali Bumgarner, Mary Catherine Melancon and Kristin Posey kicked into gear after Belt left the game last Friday to make sure that his young son was cared for until he and his wife were out of the hospital.

That’s teamwork.

Belt notes that the pain began Thursday, and you know it was serious when you read this:

Haylee and I had been invited to the Warriors game that night and were really pumped about it. But by early afternoon I had to call our friends and cancel.

He, of course, tried to play through it, but thankfully didn’t push himself too far before he followed the advice of one of the team doctors and went to the hospital, noting:

The drive there was not fun. I never realized just how many potholes there are in San Francisco.


Meanwhile, Brandon Crawford weighed in on being lucky enough to be able to attend special events due to his status as a professional athlete. Noting how his odd relationship with Klay Thompson led to he and his wife attending Game 2 of the NBA Finals:

Klay Thompson left us tickets, even though I’ve never met Klay. That’s how these things work. My agent is in the same agency as Klay’s agent. Earlier this season, I set Klay up with tickets. One of these days, I hope we actually meet.

I wonder if Thomspon was Belt’s source as well? The world may never know, but I personally would like to.

Anyway, Crawford goes on to talk about the experience of sitting so close to the game and some of his takeaways from it, in addition to talking about the fundamental ways that defense is the same across the board at the highest levels of both sports, going through a few of his own recent games.

He leaves off noting that the next time he writes, he will probably be the father of four, so I guess we can expect to see him make a short (too short, in my opinion) appearance on the paternity leave list really soon.