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SF Giants Day 2 Wrap-Up - Lots of Pitchers

The Giants’ farm system has been lacking in pitching prospects lately.  Maybe this draft is overcompensating…

As the Giants went through their picks from the 3rd round through the 10th, a few patterns could be seen.

Mostly, that the Giants wanted pitchers. Right-handed pitchers.

Of the eight picks the Giants had on Day 2, the Giants selected six right-handed pitchers to restock a farm system that has been shallow on pitching. None of these pitchers have particularly high ceilings — which one would expect from picks made on Day 3 — but there were some interesting picks.

The full list of draftees:

3rd Round (Pick #80) - Jake Wong, RHP, Grand Canyon University (4 yr JR)

4th Round (#106) - Blake Rivera, RHP, Wallace State CC (JC J2)

5th Round (#136) - Keaton Winn, RHP, Iowa Western CC (JC J2)

6th Round (#166) - P.J. Hilson, OF, Nettleton Senior High School (HS SR)

7th Round (#195) - Edison Mora, SS, Puerto Rico BB Academy (HS SR)

8th Round (#225) - Solomon Bates, RHP, USC (4 yr JR)

9th Round (#256) - Ben Madison, RHP, Central Baptist Col (4 yr JR)

10th Round (#286) - Alex DuBord, RHP, Faulkner University (4 yr JR)

The first two pitchers certainly qualify as interesting choices. Jake Wong was mentioned during one of the wrap-up moments on the broadcast by Dan Duqette, who said he really liked the pick. Wong is a well-rounded pitcher with three good pitches he can control. Blake Rivera is a reliever with a power curveball who could have a future as either a starter or reliever.

Deeper down, Ben Madison from NAIA’s Central Baptist caught some eyes.

And not just because he looks like Johnny Cueto might mentor him in developing his hair. Madison has some crazy numbers (172 strikeouts in 96.2 innings), and while one has to look at it through the filter of the NAIA (one of the lower college levels), that’s still an indication of having strikeout-worthy pitches.

Something else that’s noticable: the Giants liked previous picks and were keen to redraft them. Both Junior College pitchers, Rivera and Keaton Winn, were drafted by the Giants in 2017 but did not sign. Both were taken in significantly higher rounds than before which might mean that they’ll sign this year.

A few readers in our live thread were bemoaning the lack of high schoolers as the Giants got to the fifth round, but the team did draft a pair. Both of their Day 2 position player picks ended up being high schoolers. And true to their method, the Giants picked two positions up the middle: a shortstop and a center fielder. At the moment, the Giants have picked only three position players with their ten picks and they’re all defensive positions up the middle.

In the end, this day isn’t going to be full of top future prospects, but the depth of a draft comes from the Day 2 picks. A couple of key pieces for today’s Giants comes from Day 2 draft picks from the past. Brandon Belt was a 5th round pick, and Brandon Crawford was a 4th rounder. Beyond the Brandons and stretching the idea of “key pieces”, Ty Blach also hails from the 5th round and Austin Slater was an 8th round pick.

Day 3 is coming up, with 30 picks still to go.