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Tuesday BP, 6/5/18

A couple of weeks ago, the influx of new Giants seemed like a much better focus of our attention than on the present Giants.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at San Francisco Giants Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The draft is both intense and nothing. Intense because there’s life-changing money involved and the hopes of a franchise are sewn into the career trajectory of some of these players. Joey Bart follows in the footsteps of Will Clark (perhaps in more ways than one!) as a #2 pick with franchise-altering expectations. Nothing because Who knows if any of these players will make the team and when you get right down to it and given the span of time from draft day to Spring Training or whatever, there’s no urgency, so it feels like paperwork.

But that’s not the most important news of the day.


That’s all that really matters.

Kerry Crowley put it nicely:

His return comes in the midst of a 5-game winning streak, which should push that excitement into a frenzy. The Giants’ best pitcher is coming back when things are going well. It’s the ideal situation. Bumgarner will need to carry them at some point, but the desperation level isn’t so high that it has to be today. Imagine how much better it could get.

The offense might have figured some things out all by getting Joe Panik back and moving Buster Posey up to the 2-spot. In the hilariously small sample size of 5 games, the Giants are averaging 6.2 runs per game with Posey hitting there.

The bullpen might have figured some things out all by getting back Reyes Moronta, Will Smith, and Mark Melancon and lowering Cory Gearrin’s leverage situations. As Grant noted two nights ago:

And now the Giants get back their ace. Their missing piece.

AP Images for LEGO Systems, Inc.

Not LEGO piece, you idiot. Piece of... ah, forget it.


How many innings will Madison Bumgarner pitch tonight?

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