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Monday BP, 6/4/18

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Philadelphia Phillies v San Francisco Giants
when you’re listening for all your little Gorkysmaniacs out there
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Madison Bumgarner returns in approximately 35 hours, and rather than watch it on your TV, computer, or phone, you could see him pitch in person thanks to our good friends at StubHub. As I write this, you can get tickets for as low as $6. That’s not a typo! But it’s almost certainly a bargain that won’t last long. So, if you’re interested, and you didn’t click the highlighted text three sentences ago, check out what StubHub has to offer by clicking on this link.

A Tuesday night in June is the perfect time to just... decide to randomly go to a baseball game, I think, and you’ll get the full entertainment value of Bumgarner coming back and the Giants facing off against the division leaders with a chance to gain significant ground on them... it’s a great matchup. Well worth your valuable money. I’m not even trying to sell you on the StubHub part of it now.

This past weekend might very well have been a turning point. Joe Panik’s return provided a surge of electricity, Melancon’s first relief appearance of 2018 was a relief, and after Dereck Rodriguez impressed, we’re just a game away from Bumgarner’s return.

We’re also just 8 hours away from the Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft. As you should know by now, the Giants have the #2 overall pick, the first time they’ve picked that high in the order since 1985. You definitely should know how that went.

There will be an open thread/story stream for the draft itself beginning at 2:30pm, and that’s where everybody can live chat the proceedings. And then there will be separate posts for both picks (in addition to #2 overall, the Giants have #45 overall that will be made later in the evening).

Everyone around baseball believes the Giants will draft Georgia Tech’s standout catcher Joey Bart, but... we’ll see. That’s part of the fun of the draft.

One thing that caught my eye was how the Giants chose to describe the event:

I probably shouldn’t read too much into that phrasing, but... “reload” has been thrown around by the Giants a bunch over the past 8 months or so and that creates within me a very small fear — way in the back of my mind — that they might not be looking at this draft as make or break for a lot of the front office. Then again, maybe no single draft should be make or break for a front office; however, and this is important, this particular front office has been together for a very long time. Did this past offseason’s organizational reshuffling essentially reset their judgment cycle from the managing partners?

But I’m getting off track here. There’s no way to tell what these first two picks signify in terms of what’s changed or what’s the same in the front office. In the meantime...

You should check out Chris Haft’s very nice write up here. And in case you missed it yesterday, Kevin posted an “MLB Draft for Newcomers” guide. He’ll also have an FAQ coming up later this morning.

And then I went ahead and joined SB Nation’s team brands mock draft. You can read all about that here and then come back to this post and laugh at how wrong I am going to be later on today.

Doug and I have gone through the first seven rounds of the Giants draft history as well. Major thanks to Roger for doing the crucial research we needed to get the posts going. You can go back through all those here:

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Finally, if you want to know more about yesterday’s winning pitcher, Dereck Rodriguez, check out our own Carmen Kiew’s interview with him from last week.