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The Brandon Crawford t-shirt has arrived

Brandon Crawford is having his moment. Wear it with BreakingT’s latest.

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BreakingT has a new shirt featuring the unstoppable force that is Brandon Crawford. This particular design was a long time coming because Brandon Crawford has shown he can do it all. How to capture that on just one shirt? I think they figured it out.

You can grab the shirt here and get it in time for the next home stand. It’s the newest Giants BreakingT and the freshest one in their store. Bleeding edge shirt branding happening before our very eyes.

They plan to sell this shirt at the All-Star Game, too, so if you’re heading there, why not beat everyone to the punch by already having one? That way, everybody stops you and asks where you got it and you’ll be able to act all hip about it.

One more link to the t-shirt.