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Madison Bumgarner records the 1,500th strikeout of his career

Bumgarner’s record-setting strikeout was blocked by Mike DiMuro’s butt.

MLB: Colorado Rockies at San Francisco Giants Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Madison Bumgarner just became the 4th-fastest left-handed pitcher in the live ball era (which began in the 1920s) to record 1,500 strikeouts for his career. Here’s the big moment!

Oh. Okay. I mean... here’s home plate umpire Mike DiMuro’s butt. Here’s the actual strikeout from a broadcast that opted to focus on the game instead of stupid sexy Mike DiMuro.

Oh, and if you’re not watching the game right now, but still reading this in the 7 or 8pm hour on Wednesday, June 27th, you should turn on the game, because Bumgarner looks like vintage Bumgarner tonight.

Bumgarner follows Randy Johnson, Clayton Kershaw, and David Price for that 4th-fastest by a left-handed pitcher distinction.

He’ll be 29 on August 1st, and you can’t help but think that all the time he’s missed has set him back in terms of becoming one of the most notable left-handed pitchers of all time.

Kershaw’s already at 2,177 strikeouts and became the third-fastest left-hander to reach that mark. If Bumgarner stays healthy, we won’t see him reach that mark in a Giants uniform most likely, but at least we got to see this great accomplishment Mike DiMuro’s butt.

Anyway, here’s the authenticated baseball. Just thought this was a cool shot that nearly makes up for missing the actual moment.

Congratulations, Madison Bumgarner. We already knew you were awesome, and we’re glad you’re still doing things to remind everyone else of that.