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Tuesday BP, 6/26/18

Yeah, still on that Bochy s***.

MLB: Oakland Athletics at San Francisco Giants Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The best part of my desperate YouTube video searches is when I come across Giants out in the wild, not wearing their uniform, and acting like a normalish person, giving responses that aren’t canned or just generally speaking their mind.

Those instances are, of course, quite rare, and they usually come in formal settings like in this video of Bruce Bochy where he gives a speech at a Positive Coaching Alliance dinner. The video is dated May 19, 2011, which puts it about a week before Scott Cousins collided with Buster Posey. It’s impossible to know how positive Bochy felt in that moment and the weeks thereafter, but at least after watching this video we can get a sense of the frame of mind he tried to put himself in once the shock of the moment passed.

This is a great video for someone like me, who’s not naturally or immediately positive, but always feels the benefits of positive thinking when I push myself to rethink things in that way. The video is 2 minutes and 41 seconds, so, you can watch this in no time at all an maybe it’ll be just a little boost to start your day.