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Posey’s All-Star vote lead narrows, Crawford’s hold remains strong

All-Star voting closes soon — help Buster Posey get there!

San Diego Padres v San Francisco Giants Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

If you want Buster Posey to start the All-Star game, then you’ll need to do a lot more voting. In this morning’s latest vote tally report, Buster Posey holds a 92,021-vote lead over the Cubs’ Wilson Contreras.

In the last update, Posey’s lead was only about 90,000 votes, so, you could say that he’s doing just fine, or you could look at it as he’s just one Northern California city away from losing the spot.

Imagine the city of Vacaville (population: approximately 98,000) waking up one morning in the next 10 days and deciding en masse that they don’t like Buster Posey and so they all vote for Wilson Contreras. Why take that chance? The specter of a Vacaville revolt looms.

Here are the top 5 catchers for the NL:

1. Buster Posey: 1,037,368 (last week: 686,253)
2. Wilson Contreras: 945,347 (last week: 596,111)
3. Kurt Suzuki: 880,707 (last week: 557,692)
4. Yadier Molina: 584,054 (last week: 366,271)
5. Yasmani Grandal: 539,782 (last week: 333,549)

Meanwhile, Brandon Crawford has nearly twice as many votes as Atlanta’s Dansby Swanson to maintain his hold of the top spot for NL shortstop.

1. Brandon Crawford: 1,701,098 (last week: 1,120,031)
2. Dansby Swanson: 888,077 (last week: 568,400)
3. Addison Russell: 771,478 (last week: 475,091)
4. Trevor Story: 555,788 (last week: 315,532)
5. Trea Turner: 380,331 (last week: 279,071)

Crawford added 581,067 votes to his total since last week, outpacing Posey’s add by 230,000 votes. People who vote for Crawford should vote for Posey. That’s my opinion, but it also happens to be correct.

Justin Turner crowded Evan Longoria out of the #5 spot for third basemen, Brandon Belt has no chance against Freddie Freeman; 830,990 votes separate Joe Panik in 4th place from Scooter Gennett in 3rd place’ and, Andrew McCutchen is the only other Giant with All-Star votes and is so far at the bottom of the outfield rankings that there’s equally no chance of a comeback to claim a spot.

Which means that the only thing to do — which is, again, the right and correct thing to do — is to vote Posey and vote Crawford. Often. So much so that you feel gross about it. And recruit others to do the same. The All-Star Game is an exhibition. We should get a thrill out of being seen, too. Go on. Click the link and start punching that ballot.