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Padres take tour bus to get to AT&T Park

The brisk morning air surely slapped the hangover fuzz out of their brains.

75th Anniversary Of The Golden Gate Bridge Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A baseball season is a story of series as well as a series of stories. It’s not always about what happens on the field. Some of the most memorable moments happen off of it. For the 2018 Padres, some of them mighty vaguely and/or fondly recall at season’s end having to take an open roof tour bus from the hotel to get to AT&T Park.

I tried to name all the Padres in the shot at the end of this video, and I think I nailed it.

Anyway, today will be memorable just because of how it all got started. A kooky ride through the empty streets of San Francisco all to go play a baseball game in front of 40,000ish people. The Padres did make it to the park in time:

Credit to the traveling secretary for pulling that ride together last minute. I suppose they could’ve taken a bunch of cabs or Uber’d to the stadium, but that would’ve gotten complicated in a hurry.

We can only imagine what happened to that team bus. Did it get gobbled up by Pride Parade festivities? Did it forget to set its alarm? Did Mater give it bad directions? Whatever happened, we hope the team bus is okay.