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Sunday BP, 6/24/18

Yesterday’s 2002 World Series team reunion isn’t the most unlikely team reunion ceremony.

San Diego Padres v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

I was a cold-ass cynic when they announced another reunion of the 2002 World Series team because it all feels silly at this point. When they did it in 2012 as a 10-year reunion, I rolled my eyes but thought, “Hey, the Giants won a World Series since then; this is a good way to heal old wounds.” They reunited them again as part of the 60 years in SF anniversary and, well... I mean... hey, it was cool to see Jason Schmidt (he looks extremely relaxed thanks to all the Dodger money) and David Bell has aged better than most movie stars, and... where was I going with this?

Oh. What teams should they absolutely not reunite unless in, like, 10 years, they do a Season of the Troll series of promotions or whatever? Here are my top contenders:

  • 2013
  • 1993
  • 2017
  • 1990
  • 1999

If they’ve already reunited the 1993 team, I apologize. I only skimmed the Google search result and didn’t see it. Anyway, here are my reasons:

2013 is top of the list because it was the first legitimately disappointing post-World Series season. Somehow, losing Angel Pagan cost them the season. They traded for Guillermo Moscoso. Gave Jeff Francouer 62 at bats. Chad Gaudin sexually assaulted a woman while he was on the disabled list.

It was also the season when we had to sober up and see Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain for what they really were at that point: done. It’s staggering to see how bad that rotation was, but clearly the Giants had burned through a lot of talent to win it all in 2010 and 2012... which was a good tradeoff. But still. Why would any of us want to be reminded of that bunch?

The only time the 1993 team should come together (again, unless it already has been reunited) is at the Hague when Bud Selig is put on trial for creating the Wild Card era. That’s the lasting legacy of that team — they couldn’t win the division so Baseball helped them destroy it. But I’m kidding. Without the Wild Card, there wouldn’t have been a 2002, 2012, or 2014. So, maybe it was worth it. But still, you put that ‘93 squad back together and the first thing the fans are going to ask is, “Where’s Salomón Torres?” which is mean.

Let us never speak of the 2017 team again.

The 1990 team followed up a tragic 1989 World Series by assaulting the masses with a 19-29 start. They were 14 games out of first place on June 1st, got it back to 3.5 games by August 4th, but couldn’t run down the Reds, who ultimately beat the A’s (who didn’t have the benefit of an earthquake in the middle of that series). Their big offseason additions were 36-year old Gary Carter and 37-year old Dan Quisenberry, and the only big trade they made was for reliever Francisco Oliveras.

The 1999 team is personal. That was the summer I graduated from high school. One of my grad gifts was 4 tickets to the first Giants @ Oakland game after the All-Star break. The Giants entered the break at 50-38, 2.5 games up in the division. I couldn’t make it to the game at the last minute, and I remember watching through the hazy picture my rabbit-eared TV could get of KICU Channel 36 Olmedo Saenz hit a walk-off home run against Robb Nen to kick off a 36-38 second half that saw the Giants lose the division to the 100-win Diamondbacks.

I hated that team. My recollection is that the pitching sucked beyond repair (I was right: 4.95 runs allowed/game in the first half, 5.34 runs allowed/game in the second half). It was the last year at Candlestick, too, so maybe everybody was just like, “Eh, good riddance. We’ll get ‘em next year.” I think I agree. Let’s get this team never again.

What’s the team you least want to see reunited?