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The wives of the Giants have some great auction items for charity

You can make Brandon Belt record your voicemail message, what are you waiting for? BUY! BUY! BUY!

Seattle Mariners v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Giants’ wives are hosting their annual auction for the Giants Community Fund. As always, it is filled to the brim with really awesome player-specific gift baskets and experiences, as well as fun things like a sailing experience through McCovey Cove, the chance to throw out a first pitch or be a balldude for a game, and even a meet & greet with the broadcasters, among many other really cool things. There is also a signed ball from each player, if you don’t have the big bucks to bid on the other items.

The gift baskets usually contained signed or game-used gear, as well as some personal favorite items of the player that give you a glimpse into their interests. For example, Brandon Crawford’s basket includes the first Harry Potter book and the complete series of The Office.

Joe Panik’s basket includes a signed copy of the fake book “Never Panik” from his Giants commercial this season, which I think is hilarious.

Hunter Pence has, probably, the best basket in terms of getting your money’s worth. The bidding is still relatively low and it comes with some really great stuff - not just the usual gear, but also some headphones, speakers and a Nintendo Wii U Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Set. And it all comes in a box in the shape of an arcade game.

Brandon Belt doesn’t have a “Favorite Things” basket, but he does have a pretty cool perk. You can bid on the chance to have a meet & greet with him and HAVE HIM RECORD YOUR VOICE MAIL MESSAGE. Imagine the possibilities.

You can also bid on a meet & greet with Brian Sabean, Bruce Bochy or Larry Baer, if you’ve ever wanted a chance to yell at them in person instead of yelling at them online. (Editor’s note: Please do not yell at them).

And if you’re a parent, there are some really cool experiences to bid on for your kids, such as being the batboy, or the “Play ball!” kid, or being the Giants’ junior announcer.

The auction closes tomorrow, so if you’ve got some money burning a hole in your wallet, go bid on some really fun items for a great cause!