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Throwback Thursday: Tim Lincecum


San Francisco Giants v Atlanta Braves Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

I’ve been really enjoying going through my GIF archives in the last few weeks as I’ve been putting together these #TBTs and the best part honestly has been re-discovering all the weirdness that is Tim Lincecum. I feel like the best thing I can do for myself is curate all my favorite Timmy moments and share them here - they make me laugh, even when Hunter Strickland is smashing his hand into a wall or the Giants are in an unofficial beanball war with a team that is otherwise circling the drain. I WANT TO LAUGH, DAMMIT.

I feel like almost all Giants fans have a soft spot for Timmy, but we sometimes forget just how much the guy marched to the beat of his own drum. He literally epitomized ‘no f’s given’ and man, do I miss his energy in the club.

Hopefully this will help you relive some of Tim’s greatest hits and here’s to the idea of signing Tim Lincecum to sit in the dugout and eat sunflower seeds.

He hit an ump in the beans

... and then reacted like this:


He plays nonsense games for no reason

I have questions. Like, what is this game? Why are his arms tucked into his sleeves? The answer is probably: Because Tim Lincecum.

Related to the above image, whatever is happening here:

He does a great Hunter Pence impersonation

During Fan Fest, the fans convinced Timmy he could do a great Hunter Pence batting stance:

Not to go unnoticed, Pence had a pretty good retort to his impersonation:

He doesn’t take himself too seriously

Even when he almost gave up dingers, he still had a good sense of humor. Check out Tim Lincecum telling his teammates that he thought “it was gone”

The best side eye in the biz

Lincecum is so unintentionally funny that it’s... funny.

“You stay there”

Who could forget the 2010 NLCS game against the Phillies where Tim pitched his way out of a jam and stranded Jimmy Rollins on base? On his way off the mound, you declared “You stay there!” to Rollins. Legend... wait for it... DARY.

He was pretty good at pitching, too

Because he’s got such a personality on him, it’s easy to forget how dominant Lincecum was, once upon a time. He could straight up make hitters look foolish during their at-bats.

My favorite GIF, maybe ever

Tim Lincecum is probably in the Giants GIF Hall of Fame with all his contributions but one of the best thing he’s ever done (including those Cy Youngs and World Series rings and whatever) is this GIF. THIS IS THE BEST.

In general, Timmy’s dugout shenanigans give me life.

That time he dressed up as an old-timey coach

The fact that this even happened is incredible. He even gave himself a fake boiler and glasses though I feel like the mustache is real (remember when Tim Lincecum had a mustache?)

No-No King

One of my favorite things about Timmy is that even though he started to lose some of his pizzazz in the last few years with the Giants, he still had no-hit stuff aka he threw two no-hitters. Watching him celebrate with his teammates made my heart feel like it was skipping through a field of cotton candy:

And his curtain call at AT&T Park was so un-Timmy-like that it makes this GIF even sweeter:

And these ones from his second no-no:

This Now. This Forever.