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They Might Be Giants

The SF Giants Prospect Round-Up: Single-A All-Star Games!

Two All-Star Games, Two More Teams start play, draft signings...what more do you want?

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Prospect Roundup Cover Image Kevin J. Cunningham

It’s Single-A All-Star Week! Giants prospects are…well, they’re required to be a part of the festivities. But hey, the Giants had more than the minimum required attendees. So how did they do?

Northern California wins An All-Star Game in Lancaster That Saw Only 3 Home Runs

Wait, hold on, I’m not including the Home Run Derby…where the winner totaled 22 home runs. That’s…still kind of low for Lancaster. Anyway, the Derby was won by JetHawks first baseman Roberto Ramos (A Rockies prospect). The Giants had a prospect in the derby, too…Jalen Miller. His 7 home runs put him in a 8-way tie for 18th in the league. The good news is, in the derby, Miller outhit his season total with eight home runs. That was the least hit by anyone in the derby.

The All-Star Game was a big 8-1 win for the North, headlined by A’s prospect Dairon Blanco of Stockton. And here’s some San Jose participation

QUOTE: “I’m very happy to participate in an All-Star Game in my first season,” Blanco said through San Jose Johneshwy Fargas as interpreter.

Okay, obviously, I’m poking a little fun at the exhibition game. In fairness, outside the home run derby, San Jose’s contributions were better than being a translator. Johneshwy Fargas had the biggest impact among the hitters, going 2-2 as a late replacement and stealing three bases. Miller started(?) at second, and was 1-for-5(?) with a double and an RBI. Wander Franco (the older one) started at third and was hitless in three at-bats.

On the pitching side, Logan Webb impressed.

As pretty much every pitcher did, Webb went one inning. He did give up a hit but also struck out one. The other Giants pitcher of the night was Sandro Cabrera went an inning with two strikeouts.

So, all in all, not a bad day for San Jose at the All-Star Game. If you want to see the full box, you can do so here. But don’t look too closer. After all, you might ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who did Jalen Miller pinch hit for? (answer, the guy who replaced Miller at the position)
  • If he pinch-hit, how did he collect five at-bats?
  • If he was replaced by pitchers in, apparently, the fifth inning, how did he collect five at-bats?
  • If Jalen Miller did not, in fact, pinch hit for Seth Elledge in the 8th inning…who did?

Clearly, Smarty Marty deserved this call to an All-Star Game, because the California League did not bring their best. Seriously, this was AZL level game-scoring.

The GreenJackets Are A Big Part Of The South Division Win in the South Atlantic League All-Star Game

Okay, a quick pre-note to make Jalen Miller feel better: None of the GreenJackets prospects were in the SAL Home Run Derby. But Seuly Matias (a Rockies prospect) was, and he leads all minor leaguers with 22 home runs. And yet Matias did not make it out of the first round with ten home runs. So…yeah, Home Run Derbies don’t matter much. Sorry Gio Brusa.

In the actual All-Star Game, the South defeated the North division, 9-5, and the GreenJackets were no small part of that victory.

Manuel Geraldo was one of the leading hitters, going 3-for-5 with a home run. He did not get MVP honors since his only RBI was himself, and the batting behind him (Nick Pratto of the Royals) picked up four RBI on 2-for-5 hitting with a 2-run home run.

On the mound, John Gavin picked up the win while pitching the second inning, although he gave up a run on three hits, he was the pitcher on record when the North went ahead in the third inning. Joey Marciano picked up a scoreless inning in the fifth inning, giving up a hit and getting a strikeout.

All in all, a good All-Star Game for Giants prospects. And one that ended up much better scored than in the California League All-Star Game.

Draft Signings

If you haven’t noticed it on the front page, McC reader OnlyDefense has been doing our job better than us and has put together a chart of all the Giants’ pick signings and reported bonuses. Click here to read it (seriously, do it!).

Of course, the big news is:

At the time, Buster Posey had the largest draft bonus ever (period), but these records don’t last long, and will likely be set again every year as slots rise. The bigger message is that the Giants signed 32 of their 40 draftees (not a bad number at all), and each of their Top 16 picks (very good).

GPT is referring to this transaction log. Brett Hansen is the 2nd-most unsignable here, even as a local high schooler, if he does well at Vanderbilt, he could be easily a Top 5 round draftee in the future. (Lucas Krull, a Division-I scouted Tight End in football who has publicly offered to give up baseball, is the most unsignable).

If you wanted to take my uneducated guess, the only two on that list I expect to sign will be 18th rounder Bryan Hernandez (the Giants almost always sign their draftees from Puerto Rico) and 27th rounder Dylan Dusek (currently playing in the College World Series). The Giants seem to have a fair amount of their pool left, so they might still be able to lure one of the JC guys away from their commitment.

The biggest miss here was OF Ryan Olenek, who Jim Callis really liked before Day 3 of the draft started, and already called him unsignable. He announced he will be returning to Ole Miss for his senior year.

The Giants draftees tweeted out a lot of signing pics, but this one is very much my favorite:

I’ve got a good feeling about Randy Norris. But then, I also had one about Tyler Brown.

Finally, the Giants did make a pair of undrafted free agent signings:


Not that the Giants need bullpen help, but…….

And also, despite what that guy Roger keeps saying…

(ignore Tuesday’s game)

The Long-Expected Bullpen Move

Look, I don’t want to harp on Tyler Beede like I’m a hater that doesn’t have Kyle Crick around anymore, but Beede’s 2018 season is easily the biggest disappointment of this year. This is a year that should have been his opportunity to shine. First round pick, starting pitcher potential, and the Giants have effectively spent the majority of the first half of 2018 with no more than one of their top 3 starting pitchers healthy at a time (at best).

Instead of stepping up to fill the hole, Beede has regressed to a disturbing level. His control was never going to be perfect, but with 47 walks in 57 innings in the minors this season, his walk rate is having an alarming spike.

So, this week, the long-expected move happened and Beede was moved to the bullpen. His first bullpen appearance did not go well, giving up three runs on three hits and a walk, but it was just his first appearance. The truth is that this season may already be lost, and Beede needs to just focus on finding his control again to find any role he can fit. Maybe in time we’ll learn there’s a reason behind what happened this year, but for now…Beede’s star is fading as Stratton and Suarez are both stepping up.

Speaking on Control Issues

The difference between Beede and Adon is that Adon has a fastball around 100. Also, he doesn’t have the pressure of being a first round pick.

The Giants Players Need To Start Wearing Helmets At All Times

Especially in the dugout…

July 2nd is Coming

Here’s a preview of whom the Giants (and other NL West teams) have been connected to.

Quick Jacob Gonzalez Scouting Report

definitely agree about his staying power at third base.

Saturday’s Lines

Sacramento Litter Box

  • Each of the top five hitters in the Sacramento lineup got a pair of hits. Chase D’Arnaud hit his 9th home run while Ryder Jones had his 6th. But it wasn’t enough.
  • It was Jones’ 2nd home run in seven games, and helped continue a 9-game hitting streak. Jones has raised his average from .285 to .293 over that streak.
  • Steven Duggar had his first multi-hit game in nearly a week, collecting two singles.
  • Austin Slater came off the bench, getting a hit in his only plate appearance.
  • Casey Kelly had his roughest start in exactly a month, giving up five runs. He gave up six on May 19th. His ERA had dropped from 7.27 to 4.77 before this start.
  • Tyler Rogers gave up runs for the first time since May 9th, walking three and giving up a hit without an out. I’d think he was Hunter Strickland, but the difference of throwing motion makes it unlikely they’d be mistaken for each other.
  • Meanwhile, Ray Black had a simple inning, though without any strikeouts.

Richmond Nuthouse

Rained out. I’m half-surprised that neither of the Giants-related All-Star Games were rained out. The Squirrels and Curve will try to do a double-header on Wednesday.

Salem-Keizer Crater

  • It was a combined effort for the Volcanoes pitching staff in this shutout, starring the 2018 draft. Keaton Winn (5th), Solomon Bates (8th) and Alex DuBord (10th) each picked up two innings of work in their respective season debuts. Bates got the win, and was the most impressive with four strikeouts against a hit and a walk.
  • Alejandro De La Rosa got the three-inning save in his second appearance of the year. De La Rosa had a 4.01 ERA in Salem-Keizer last year.
  • Diego Rincones continued his hitting, at least one hit in all five games he’s played. An RBI single and a sacrifice fly gave him two of the team’s four RBI.
  • Kevin Rivera picked up two hits, and has hits in all three games he’s played at S-K. He had a .238 batting average in eight games played in San Jose back in May.

Arizona Air Conditioner


  • Let’s get it out of the way, Alexander Canario was 0-for-4 with a walk in his first game of 2018. Let’s be easy on the expectations.
  • Cody Brickhouse was 3-for-4 with a home run in his first game of the season. The 21-year old played just one game last year, and 17 games in each 2015 and 2016, but now in his fourth season, has his first professional home run.
  • Two 2018 draftees had two-hit games; 11th rounder David Villar and 30th rounder Kwan Adkins.
  • 19-year old Luis Moreno made his stateside debut with the start, giving up two runs on four hits and two walks in 2.1 IP. Moreno had a 3.23 ERA in 13 games in the DSL last season.
  • 20-year old Jose Maita also made his stateside debut, giving up just a walk and a hit batter in his 1.2 IP. He pitched three seasons in the DLS, finishing last year with a 3.90 ERA in 25 relief appearances.


  • Let’s start by being hopeful. Seth Corry went three scoreless innings, walking two and striking out four. That’s not perfect control, but it’s a nice step forward for the 3rd round pick.
  • Remember Domenic Mazza, who had the perfect game in Augusta last year? He made his season debut in relief in the AZL.
  • 24th round pick Preston White got the unlucky loss, giving up an unearned run to take the L. The unearned run was the only one of the game.
  • The hitters got just two hits. 17-year old Patrick Hilson was one of the players who got a hit, and also a walk, in his pro debut. Ismael Munguia, who had a .331/.398/.458 batting line with the AZL last season.
  • Yes, I know I need better names for these two teams in this PRU. Got any suggestions? Leave them in the comments!

Dominican Beach

  • Luigi Picardo was the only Giant with two hits on the day, raising his average from .135 to .171.
  • Early star Luis Toribio had a quiet game, going 1-for-5.
  • Randy Rodriguez was the star on the mound in relief, going four innings and striking out seven while giving up two hits on one hit and no walks.

The Wrap-Up:

From Richmond

…Denim jerseys?

I kinda really wish they were real Denim. But that hat to seal the deal is awesome!