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Saturday BP, 6/2/18

Well, could be worse?

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants - Game Two Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Brandon Belt exited last night’s game early, reportedly with a stomach illness. That stomach illness turned out to possibly be appendicitis, which is not good, but could be worse. Obviously we are not privy to Belt’s personal medical information, nor should we be. But assuming they caught it before it burst, Belt will likely only miss two to four weeks, depending on whether it is an open or laparoscopic procedure.

Of course, there’s risk involved with any type of surgery, and the Grey’s Anatomy fan in me is paranoid about all things. But an appendectomy is a routine surgery for young people, one that one in 20 people will experience, most common in people under 30. So at least he’s getting that out of the way at the deadline, and at least it was not a baseball to his head.

My first thought was, of course, well wishes for his health and recovery. And my second thought was, “Well, we still need to get him in the All Star Game because he deserves it and fate tries to screw him over at every turn when it comes to these things.” So him missing a couple of weeks isn’t going to stop me from voting for him, and I hope it doesn’t stop you either.

So, I know I shared a couple of Lexi Pence’s videos yesterday in the BP, but Carmen pointed this one out to me that Lexi posted today with reflections about the Pences’ time in the minor leagues, with Hunter due to come back this weekend (in theory). It’s worth a watch, especially if you’re going through a time of change or a rough patch. She talks, among other things, about the need to reflect on where you’re at, be grateful for what is going well, and working hard for what you want. She and Hunter have that kind of positive outlook in common, and a little extra positivity never hurt anyone. Take or leave it.

Anyway, Happy Saturday! Though we have likely lost Brandon Belt to the DL for a little while, don’t forget that the team’s real power hitter returns on Tuesday to help make up the difference.

San Diego Padres v San Francisco Giants
Bumgarner will likely not save us, but we can hope.
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

And if, as I’m secretly hoping, they find out that it was just intense gas pains and not appendicitis for Belt, remember that I’m writing this at 11:00 pm on Friday night and I am not responsible for news that breaks while I’m sleeping. So feel free to LOL at me in the comments, I would welcome them and that outcome. But if not, well, we’ve gotten through worse and we’ll get through this.