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A Horse Named Lincecum

The actual pitcher inspired Australian tourists to name one of their racehorses after him.

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This is not the horse we’re talking about. It’s just a picture of a horse, since this is a post about a horse.
Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Desperate for content on Memorial Day weekend, when I just knew everyone across the country would be away from their barbecues fervently refreshing the site, I stumbled across a YouTube video about a thoroughbred horse named Lincecum.

Turns out he’s a retired racehorse that lives in Australia. Tony Moro owns Lincecum and after he saw the post he emailed me to ask if I had any questions. You know I did. What follows is our email exchange:

Have you always been based in Australia? If so, how did you come to be Giants fans?

We visited San Francisco in 2010 and decided to go and watch our first baseball game. We purchased tickets for National League championship game and went along and cheered for the Giants. We had no idea of rules and we were asking other fans about some of the rules, they thanked us for coming so far and supporting the Giants. We became instant fans, we returned to Australia and watched the Giants win World Series later that year. We have followed Giants ever since purchasing MLB.TV and watching every game.

We returned in 2012 and went to a few games. During one of these games I said to my wife that if we made the WS we would return for World Series .... well 2012 was history making as the Giants came back from impossible situations to make the World Series; as the last pitch went through to clinch the Giants WS spot we booked flights to leave next morning ... we flew 20 hours from Australia and arrived at lunchtime in SF with game 1 that night. Tim pitched from bullpen that night!

With help from club fans we secured tickets and watched the Giants win the WS in 2012. We did the same in 2014 returning on the day of game 1. We have now been to 32 games having just returned from SF last month again.

How old is Lincecum and what does the 2008 in the YouTube video mean?

Lincecum is now retired however his sister is winning races as well. I sent you link to one of his wins... His sister is called Lady Soma and we own her. She won her first race. We named her Lady Soma after South of the Market (SOMA) being the ballpark region

Was the race that Lincecum won at all equivalent to a Cy Young Award a la the real Tim Lincecum?

No sorry not that great of a race !

Does Tim Lincecum know about Lincecum?

Not we know of.

Do you have any pictures of Lincecum wearing a Giants hat?


Who is Lincecum’s jockey, and do they know the history of the name?

The trainer knows the history.

Does Lincecum possess any qualities similar to Tim Lincecum? Such as, is he a bit undersized compared to most thoroughbreds? Does he have a unique racing style? Does he like to get high?

Yes he had different action and was undersized; however, he showed great courage.

Does Lincecum throw a changeup?

[Note from Bryan: this question was not dignified with a response.]

What is Lincecum’s best quality as a horse? What is Lincecum’s best quality as a racehorse?

He tries all day.

Will Lincecum be racing again or is he a part of a team Giants fans should know more about?

He is retired but his sister Lady Soma has won her first race in Australia and will race again next Wednesday.

Here’s the racing form from Lincecum’s victory:

If you have a subscription, you can watch the entire race and possibly hear how the Aussie announcer pronounces the name. I’m guessing it sounded like “Lincycam”.

Tony sent me these responses late last week, so “next Wednesday” actually means this Wednesday, as in tomorrow. However, since Australia is on the other side of the world, tomorrow is today; so, the race he’s referencing will happen at 10:00pm or so tonight. Lady Soma’s race is scheduled to take place at the race track in Balaklava and if you’re a degenerate gambler, I’ve just given you a lead.

If you’re just a really big fan of Tim Lincecum and the San Francisco Giants, then I think I’ve just introduced you to a kindred spirit. This is the best kind of way to get hooked into something: you do something fun while on vacation and you wind up getting hooked on what was supposed to be a fun diversion. Random chance netted a pair of lifelong fans who don’t even live in the country.

MLB should probably send a camera crew out to this horse stable and get the Moros on camera talking about how much they love baseball on the other side of the world.