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The Denard Span Foundation needs your help!

In just the past year, he’s been a Giant, a Ray, and a Mariner, but he’s always tried to help families in need.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at San Francisco Giants Andrew Villa-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Father’s Day!

Maybe you remember how in the offseason the Giants traded Denard Span to the Rays as part of the deal for Evan Longoria. You might not remember that a few weeks ago, the Rays traded him to the Mariners.

Yesterday, Lookout Landing ran a post about Span adjusting to his new team. At the end of it there was a blurb about how Denard Span’s charity — the Denard Span Foundation — is celebrating his 10 years in the big leagues by raising $10,000 to donate a car to a family in need. Reliable transportation is crucial to families on the financial razor’s edge, and without access to public transit sometimes have very limited economic opportunities.

If you’re thinking this is a Kars-4-Kids situation, it’s definitely not. They’re not asking for your car or property, just a few bucks to purchase a vehicle for a family. You can read more about it on the foundation’s web site. If you click on the DONATE button, it takes you right to a PayPal form. They’re a little over halfway to their goal already. If you’re feeling generous today, consider kicking something the foundation’s way.