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Throwback Thursday: Buster Posey GIFs

No explanation needed. Just watch and enjoy.

San Diego Padres v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The first round of All-Star voting results were tallied this week and to no one’s surprise, Buster Posey led the pack amongst catchers above Willson Contreras, Yadier Molina, and other guys who spend most of April-September in a squatting position.


This is exactly what other teams’ fans are hoping for. They are going to sneak in like a thief in the night and stuff the ballot box until Buster Posey is dethroned from his rightful spot as the starting catcher for the National League.

As a reminder beyond Buster’s stats, I wanted to stroll down the ol’ GIF memory lane to remember what makes Gerald so special.

He’s traditional

Traditional in the sense that even though he knows rookie hazing is just part of the gig. Never, ever forget that Buster Posey dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood (???) during his rookie season. Honestly, he doesn’t look that upset about it.

That home run swing

Is there anything more beautiful than Buster Posey’s home run swing? I honestly can’t think of one thing.

He laughs at words like “balls”

When Sergio Romo mentioned in that he was “balls to the wall” in a press conference in the 2012 postseason, apparently Buster couldn’t keep his act together. I know the man is an MVP, Rookie of the Year, Gold Glover, whatever but he also laughs at the word “balls”. Just. Like. Us.

He is emotionless... until he isn’t

Buster getting in the face of this ump is so... un-Buster-like. But that’s kinda what makes it so great.

He can be low key hilarious

One of my all-time favorite Buster memories is when everyone refused to high-five him after NLDS Game 5 where he hit a grand slam off Matt Latos. Top 5 Buster GIF for sure.

No Caption Needed.

The Stare Down is so real

Considering you can only see like 20% of his face through the mask, it’s a little scary how intimidating Buster can be when he’s staring you down. If there’s a call he doesn’t like or you tried to test his arm at second, he’s gonna give you the meanest stank eye on this side of the Mississippi.


It’s like choosing your favorite child - it’s impossible. But if I had to pick my favorite #BusterHug, it would be the “surprise from behind” Tim Lincecum no-no one. Literally, just take all my feelings.

A #BusterHug seems like a good note to end on but if you like these types of posts, let me know - I definitely have enough to make a Part II (and probably Part III).

And oh yea, don’t forget to #VoteBuster