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They Might Be Giants

The SF Giants Prospect Round-Up: What’s Next After The Draft?

The draft is done, now what’s next to get excited about in the Giants’ system?

Prospect Roundup Cover Image Kevin J. Cunningham

Okay, so the draft is done. What’s next?

Well, for one thing, it’s time to sign some guys. Especially those top picks. Unlike last year, when the top two draft picks (and many others) seemed signed two days later, there has been no news of a Giants signing of anyone. Jim Callis’ twitter account, which has long been an alert to just about every signing, hasn’t mentioned a thing about the Giants signing anyone. Nor has anyone I’ve seen reporting on the Giants.

I wouldn’t get overly worried about it. The Giants rarely have let the big signings get away. And though more than a decade ago, the Giants had a reputation of being cheap, that is no longer the case.

It’s unlikely the Giants drafted any top picks without having an idea of who would be signing and who wouldn’t, so I have confidence we’ll see the Giants get the signings done. The deadline to sign players is July 6th, so maybe we’ll have a wait to see some of them. But we will see.

Beyond that, it’s time to start looking ahead to the July 2nd International Signing Period. This is the first year the Giants will be free of penalties since signing Lucius Fox three seasons ago, and the Giants definitely need to take advantage of the opportunity to get some high-level prospects.

Eight of the 30 MLB teams have limitations on the draft pool, so it’ll be among the Giants and 21 other teams for the top prospects. Get ready to hear the name Marco Luciano a lot in the coming days. The 16-year old shortstop/outfielder is considered one of the top hitters in the class, and the Giants have been rumored for months to be considered one of the favorites to sign him.

That doesn’t mean it’s a done deal, and if the Giants miss on him, it could be a huge disappointment. Obviously, there are a lot of other prospects, however, for the Giants to swoop in on. Although, MLB ranks Luciano #2 in the class, and #1 is Diego Cartaya…a catcher. I can’t imagine the Giants will make their top two acquisitions young catchers in a single offseason. There’s enough future drama to exist between Joey Bart and Buster Posey.

San Jose’s 3 All-Stars

We saw Augusta’s All-Stars last week, and now the other Single-A team gets their announcements. No huge surprises here amongst the announcements.

Jalen Miller is having his breakout season and is helping lead the the Giants this year. He’s batting .313/.356/.591, which is 4th in the California League for batting average and 10th in slugging percentage. The second baseman has been particularly hot over the last seven games, batting 13-for-35 (.371).

LHP Sandro Cabrera has begun to emerge more and more as a prospect as the season has gone on. Cabrera started the season as a reliever, but the Giants have never given him less than three innings in relief. Other than a spot start, Cabrera swtiched to starting full-time in mid-May. He had a 3.81 ERA as a reliever and a 2.94 ERA as a starter. He’s struck out 56 while walking 30 in 62 innings.

Organization newcomer Wander Franco was waived by the Royals after he had two seasons in High-A. In San Jose, a third year at the level, he’s improved a bit more, batting .287/.306/.389 with 20 doubles, a triple, and a home run. Franco is tied for the league lead in doubles.

Player Of The Week…Not Just From the Prospect Round-Up

Gio Brusa made the move to first base this season, and with a repeat of the High-A level, Brusa is having a nice season. After a 3-home run game on Sunday, he’s up to 11 home runs on the year. He had 17 last year in 113 games, while it only took him 49 to make it to 11 this year. His strikeouts are still an issue (66 in 192 at-bats), but that will always be the player he is. He needs to pull up the batting average, but he’s a power hitter.

The Giants Are Back In The Top 100!

Okay, full disclosure. I tend to find rankings silly. They don’t really mean anything in the long run, are very subjective and lead to arguments in the comments that ring up page views and ad revenue…

I don’t think Bryan’s going to like me going against the idea of page views…

Anyways, if you missed both yesterday’s Minor Lines and then this article we posted later in the day (please click anyway for page views?), Fangraphs has ranked two Giants prospects in their Top 100 (Top 131, precisely). Joey Bart slips right into the #57 spot without having even signed, and Heliot Ramos is at #89 (after having been a honorable mention in the preseason).

Now, this is a nice step up for the Giants farm system that had no one on their summer Top 100 list. Now, still, when you consider that in a list of 131 players, the average team should have 4 players on the list. But, it’s a start. Rebuilding a farm system is going to take some time…and seasons. But perhaps a Marco Luciano being signed might add another potential Top 100 candidate to the system.

If you pay attention to that sort of thing.


Actually, that’s a bad headline. Mostly because Dig-Dug was an underground game, and Steven Duggar has been throwing himself into the air all this week playing defense.

Ignore The Irony That The DSL Has Better Video Than At The Brand New Augusta Stadium

I’m liking getting more video of these DSL players.

More Baseball Coming Soon

What, five teams aren’t enough?

The Giants’ remaining three (Yes, THREE!) minor league teams are prepping to get started within the week, and Roger and myself are going to be working hard and harder the remaining two-and-a-half months of the season.

On Friday, the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes will start their season at home against Tri-City. The Short-A team’s performance has fallen off since their run of Championships in the late 2000’s. That’s not hard with essentially a full turnover of players each year. This year, you might see #2 draft pick Joey Bart there leading that team, so things might change…unless Bart is quick to get promoted.

The Arizona League, meanwhile, will get started on Monday. However, the Giants’ AZL teams will get started on Tuesday. Teams? Plural? Yep, the Giants have expanded to two different teams in the Arizona League. They are colorfully named, the Black and the Orange. No, they aren’t the Black Sox and Orange Sox…I think Chicago’s American League team might have a copyright violation if the Giants tried that. I hear that Team Black will be more stacked with prospects, like Alexander Canario (keep an eye on him), but how can you not root for the underdogs?

Hitter of the Week - Gio Brusa

Okay, so he gets the Prospect Round-Up Hitter of the Week honor, too.

Gio Brusa’s calling card this week is five home runs, a triple and a double. Also, one single. He was 8-for-27 (.296) but slugged a ridiculous .963 on the week.

The now-first baseman’s power burst was too little too late to make a case for the All-Star Game, so we won’t get to see Brusa take another shot at winning a home run derby. But at the moment, Brusa has some pretty entertaining power.

Pitcher of the Week - Garrett Williams

It wasn’t a perfect week, but it’s starting to look like Garrett Williams is looking like the pitcher he could be again.

Williams struck out 11 in 12 innings while holding opponents to just one run on four hits. Just ignore the six walks… Even with the walks, Williams had just a 0.83 WHIP on the week.

Williams has a 5.33 ERA in 12 starts this season, and has been struggling at times with his control. He has a 1.80 WHIP on the season.

Saturday’s Lines

Sacramento Litter Box

Sacramento had a scheduled day off.

Richmond Nuthouse

  • Remember yesterday when teams kept having late rallies that came up short? Well, one finally happened.
  • Garrett Williams was let off the hook with the late comeback despite a great game. Williams had three hits and two walks, with just one earned run allowed. Also, eight strikeouts. Williams has two good starts in a row, but this one came with strikeouts and that’s a big help.
  • Jerry Sands and Jeff Arnold each had a pair of doubles on the day. It put Sands up with 13 doubles on the season in 56 games. Jeff Arnold has played 32 games across three levels, and now has six doubles across the three of them.

San Jose Footprints

  • San Jose had one of those weak days at the plate. Stockton pitcher Brian Howard went 8.2 innings for the and held the Giants to just three hits…until the fourth hit was a home run given up to Gio Brusa (his 11th of the season).
  • Raffi Vizcaino had one of his better starts in a while, with giving up just two earned runs for the first time in the last four games. All of his peripherals were better numbers than those past four games as well.

Augusta Putt-putt Course

  • Garrett Cave had his worst start of the season, going just 1.1 IP (not his shortest of the season), but he gave up a season high in runs, tied for the most in earned runs, and tied for most in walks. He also had his first start without a strikeout on the year.
  • Heliot Ramos had the day off, but Jacob Gonzalez collected a pair of hits as the Augusta DH. Gonzalez’s average has been hovering around .250 since the start of June, and this helped him get back up there.
  • Shane Matheny got his second home run of the season, and his first since May 6th.

Dominican Beach

  • Luis Toribio was 1-for-6 over his last three games, cooling off his hot start to the season, but a 3-for-4 day with his fourth home run of the season just keeps the 17-year old’s season going. He now has nine walks and nine strikeouts in 25 at-bats.
  • Samuel Jorge still has not had a game without a hit this young season, and is 13-for-33 in 8 games. He’s definitely turned it around from last season, when he hit .232/.317/.331.
  • Catcher Omar Medina got into only his fourth game of the season, and had his biggest one, having gone 1-for-7 in his previous games.

The Wrap-Up:

Not a minor league thing…but this is just ridiculous.

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Per email address. NOT that I’m saying you should use all of your email addresses to help.

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Vote Brandon. Brandons. Also Buster.

Then again, I’d also be here voting Mac Williamson, because I’m a columnist and I get to be biased. So maybe you shouldn’t follow my advice.