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Monday BP, 6/11/2018

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MLB: Atlanta Braves at Miami Marlins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Let me start by addressing the elephant in the room. Yes, I am aware I wrote a post yesterday about Madison Bumgarner as though he was starting yesterday’s game. I am well aware now that he did not, in fact, start yesterday’s game. And that he is starting today.

In my defense, it’s been a busy weekend and I legitimately did think he was pitching yesterday, especially considering it was a Max Scherzer start. What’s funny is that I had a nagging feeling that I spelled Scherzer’s name wrong and I kept meaning to go back and double check the post. But I had family in town and I didn’t get a chance to. I did spell it wrong, by the way. And I really should have checked both that and the pitching match up, but I didn’t. And I apologize.

Anyway, good morning! Happy Monday! And welcome to Miami!

Of course you probably aren’t actually in Miami, but the Giants are and we’re got seven games against the Miami Marlins over the next 10 days, so buckle up. This could be a great way for the Giants to get some momentum, or a great time for them to help the Marlins turn it around. Baseball, you can’t predict it. But I’ll leave the series analysis to Kenny.

Anyway, since they will be in Miami, I need you to see this video, if you haven’t already:

Here’s the original footage if you want to see it. Hopefully this helped start your week off right!