2018 MLB Draft Picks signings

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I'll try and keep track of the signings and post them. You guys can help and post anything you guys find on the draft picks. Hopefully the Giants hit the nail on the head on all the picks and we have 40 new All Stars! j/k Their names will be the link to their baseballcube or college page. Some of the scouting reports are old but I just find it a fun exercise plus Kevin did all the hard work.

If a player selected in the first 10 rounds doesn't sign, his pick's value is subtracted from his club's pool. If a team exceeds its allotment, it faces a penalty.

A team that outspends its pool by 0-5 percent pays a 75 percent tax on the overage. At higher thresholds, clubs lose future picks: a first-rounder and a 75 percent tax for surpassing their pool by more than 5 and up to 10 percent; a first- and a second-rounder and a 100 percent tax for more than 10 and up to 15 percent; and two first-rounders and a 100 percent tax for more than 15 percent.

1(2) Joey Bart Georgia Tech C R/R JR

Scouts feel that Bart’s power is for real and will play at the next level, even if it is always accompanied with lower batting averages. MLB comparison: Mike Zunino.

YES $7,025,000

$7,494,600 +469,600
2(45) Sean Hjelle Kentucky RHP R/R JR Intrigued scouts by hitting 96 mph during fall practice heading into 2018. FB 90-93 w/tail+sink, knuckle CB flashes plus, avg SL/CH, plus control. He has good feel for a changeup, mixes in a slider/cutter and throws all four of his pitches for strikes.#4 Starting Pitcher profile,projects as back end starter. MLB comparison: Chris Young. YES $1,500,000 $1,587,600 +$87,600
3(80) Jake Wong Grand Canyon University RHP R/R JR FB 91-94 t96. Report: "Mid-90s sinker with good delivery but fringe command and secondaries." His changeup 84-89 mph. He has feel for locating it in competitive locales, and it occasionally has bat-missing movement, but it isn’t consistent right now.Fastball is best pitch YES $850,000 $738,700 -$111,300
4(106) Blake Rivera Wallace State CC RHP R/R JC J2 Rivera is 90-93FB t96 at times, with a plus curveball that is one of the best in this draft class, developing CH. YES $800,000 $528,200 -$271,800
5(136) Keaton Winn Iowa Western CC RHP R/R JC J2 89-92FB, t94, with a good slider.He worked primarily as the Iowa Western closer, but Callis believes that he could be a starter down the line YES $500,000 $394,600 -$105,400
6(166) P.J Hilson Nettleton Senior HS OF S/R HS SR Switch hitter, plus speed, good bat speed, strong arm, 94mph off the mound. Baseball America suggests he can eventually hit 10-15 HRs a season. YES $520,000 $295,200 -$224,800
7(196) Edison Mora Puerto Rico BB Academy SS R/R HS SR Plus speed, smooth actions at SS. YES $200,000 $229,900 +29,900
8(226) Solomon Bates USC RHP R/R JR 89-92 FB, t95, with a curveball. Some concerns regarding delivery YES $150,000 $181,700
9(256) Ben Madison Central Baptist Col RHP R/R JR His fastball can hit 96 MPH. He is said to have a good curve and a below average changeup. He is more likely than not to end up as a reliever. YES $140,000 $154,200 +14,200
10(286) Alex Dubord Faulkner U RHP R/R JR 89-92 t94 with sink, slurvy slider, smooth delivery. YES $75,000 $142,800 +67,800
11(316) David Villar South Florida 3B R/R JR He's got a strong arm & moves well laterally at third base, good soft hands at the ball.Had a big increase in his power output.line drive swing, best pulling the ball, strong at contact, more of a high average present approach than power approach YES $125,000
12(346) Sean Roby Arizona Western Col 3B R/R JC J2 Arizona 3B can hit. Strong build, adequate defender. YES $150,000 $125,000 -$25,000
13(376) George Bell Connors St Col CF R/R JC J2 Son of former major leaguer George Bell. Free-swinging power hitter.He’ll chase every now and then, but if you leave one in the middle, he makes it hurt. For a big man, he can run, too, having bagged eight stolen bases. YES $125,000
14(406) Bryce Tucker Central Florida LHP L/L JR 89-93 FB with run, average 80-82 SL and command. Used as a left-handed middle-man and situational lefty YES $125,000 $125,000
15(436) Matt Frisbee UNC Greensboro RHP R/R JR He works off a four-seam fastball clocked at 94 mph, 97 mph in relief. Mixing in a sinking, two-seam fastball that dips down and in to right-handed hitters. His out-pitch is a hard slider YES $125,000
16(466) Trenton Toplikar UC Riverside RHP R/R JR Athletic pitcher, over the top delivery, FB: t92mph, 11/5 sharp curveball, good balance point, clean separation, sound mechanics, good tempo, throws downhill, works ahead, holds runners well, quick pick off move
YES $125,000
17(496) Ryan Olenek Ole Miss RHP R/R JR He was one of the hardest players in the country to strikeout rarely walked either but had gap power and hit for a high average. Hit 89 MPH pitching. Profiles as a second baseman at the professional level, though he also plays in the outfield NO, returning to play senior year. $125,000
18(526) Bryan Hernandez Miguel Such Vocational School OF R/R HS SR YES $290,000 $125,000 -$165,000
19(556) Randy Norris Winston-Salem St U CF R/R JR He played in 156 career games over three seasons. He batted .380 with 92 stolen bases. He also had 14 homers with 98 RBI's....His 231 career hits is a school record. Coach says his speed and knowledge of the game is tremendous. YES $125,000
20(586) Jett Manning U Alabama Tuscaloosa SS S/R JR Batted .430 at Frederick community college.He also had four home runs, 44 RBIs and stole 33 bases, a program record, in 53 games. 16 errors and a .934 fielding percentage YES $125,000
21(616) Angel Guzman Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy C R/R HS SR Runs very well for a catcher, 6.70 in the sixty. Upper body rotational swing with a line drive swing plane, hits to all fields.Plays good defense behind the plate YES $125,000
22(646) Clay Helvey U Tampa RHP R/R JR FB 91-93,Three pitch arsenal. curveball was hard at 75 MPH, and changeup hovered in at 79 MPH. Strike thrower that sometimes loses command and gets too much plate. Lacks a true K pitch. YES $125,000
23(676) Ben Strahm Northeastern St U RHP R/R JR Strahm recorded 64 strikeouts in 62.2 innings of work for NSU and posted a 4.16 season ERA. His brother, Matt, currently pitches for the San Diego Padres. FB 90, SL 82-84. YES $125,000
24(706) Preston White The Masters College OF R/R JR Solid defensive fundamentals,line drive contact to all fields. Also pitched. 97 mph FB, SL 85, CH 82-83. YES $125,000
25(736) Fabian Pena Manhattan College C R/R JR Defensive-oriented Catcher. Possible MLB Back-up Catcher, with plus raw power potential. YES $125,000
26(766) Jacob Lopez Col of the Canyons LHP L/L JC J2 4S FB 86-90 2S FB 84-88 70-73 CB 74-76 SL A scout indicates he could be either a starter or situational lefty in the future YES $150,000 $125,000 -$25,000
27(796) Dylan Dusek Texas Tech U LHP L/L SR Dylan is more your crafty lefthander. But his breaking stuff is so good. He runs his fastball 88-92 mph. YES $125,000
28(826) Travis Perry Indian River State RHP R/R JC J2 Fastball consistently in the 90-93 MPH range and a hard slider in the low 80’s.Throws a sharp 11-5 curveball, and spots it down in the zone. YES $125,000 $125,000
29(856) Marcos Campos Siena College SS R/R JR Solid arm in the infield with good carry on throws. Ingredients are present to be a quality defensive infielder. Pull approach with a line drive swing plane with late lift and good extension through contact. Showed ability to turn around good velocity YES $125,000
30(886) Kwan Adkins Northwestern State OF L/L SR he hits at the top of the lineup; he scores runs; he runs down balls in the gaps YES $125,000
31(916) Ryan Walker Washington State RHP R/R SR 88-94 mph, slider ranges 79-84 with good bite, though it can become sweepy at times. He also mixes in a changeup with good separation from his fastball, but it’s still developing and he lacks command of the pitch. Walker creates nice deception with his low-angle delivery, but will need to continue to develop his changeup if he wants to make it as a starter. YES $125,000
32(946) Braden Frankfort Fresno Pacific C L/R SR He led the Sunbirds with a .347 average while hitting ten doubles, a pair of triples and six home runsDefensively, Frankfort has been one of the premier catchers in the West Region over the last two seasons, erasing 21 would-be base stealers while committing just 12 errors in 420 chances. YES $125,000
33(976) Austin Edgette Bloomsburg University CF L/L SR He finished his career as a .385 hitter which ranks fourth in the school's record books. He owns the school record for most career hits with 236 and is ranked third all-time in career doubles with 49. YES $125,000
34(1006) Lucas Krull Jefferson College LHP R/L JC J2 A LHP with a 96 MPH fastball and reportedly crazy spin rate. NO $125,000
35(1036) Chris Roberts San Jacinto College North RHP R/R JC J3 92-94FB, 82 SL YES $25,000 $125,000
36(1066) Bryan Hoeing Louisville RHP R/R JR 90-92 mph FB,t95 and he has a plus changeup to pair with as well as a slurvy breaking ball. 78-80 mph breaking ball. He has a long arm action, and his fastball, while hard, is straight and flat, so it can get hit NO $125,000
37(1096) Ryan McDonald College of Southern Nevada RHP R/R JC J2 FB t93 with average CB. $125,000
38(1126) Brett Hansen Foothill HS LHP L/L HS SR 88-92 mph FB, his changeup is his best secondary offering. He throws two types of three-quarter break curveballs, with the harder of the two possibly morphing into a slider.He generally throws strikes and his overall command has improved this spring, though he still occasionally loses the strike zone for an inning or two. Unlikely. Vanderbilt commit. $125,000
39(1156) Trevor Horn UNLV RHP R/R JR 92 mph FB YES $50,000 $125,000
40(1186) Abdiel Layer Mami Dade CC South SS S/R JC J1 Switch hitter, better bat speed and strength right handed, more rotational and mechanical left handed. Can come and get the ball and get ride of it quickly, smooth defender, arm strength solid YES $125,000
TOTAL POOL $11,747,500 +5%$12,334,875
POOL LEFT -$227,500 $359,875

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