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Power of the 8

Stretching all the way back to 1888, the Giants have been good in years ending in 8.

Baseball Player Hank Sauer Dead at 84 Photo by Hulton/Archive/Getty Images

The Giants are headed for their 3rd straight loss and likely sweep tomorrow on Facebook to the far superior Philadelphia Phillies and everyone of you (okay, me too) wants to bury the Giants. There are plenty of good reasons to do simple dump on them (most of their losses over the past 10 days have been of the extreme blowout variety -- they can’t hit, pitch, or field, and most of the players on the roster lost 98 games last season) and it just feels like more fun to turn attention towards the draft. Basically, anywhere that’s not in the direction of the major league team.

However! I think you should reconsider (okay, me too). This franchise has been historically great in years ending with an 8. Not all of them have been playoffs-level good, but they’ve been competitive. The only blip was 2008. Seriously, check it out —

1888 New York Giants 84-47 (1st of 8)

1898 New York Giants 77-73 (7th of 12)

1908 New York Giants 98-56 (2nd of 8)

1918 New York Giants 71-53 (2nd of 8)

1928 New York Giants 93-61 (2nd of 8)

1938 New York Giants 83-67 (3rd of 8)

1948 New York Giants 78-76 (5th of 8)

1958 San Francisco Giants 80-74 (3rd of 8)

1968 San Francisco Giants 88-74 (2nd of 10)

1978 San Francisco Giants 89-73 (3rd of 6)

1988 San Francisco Giants 83-79 (4th of 6)

1998 San Francisco Giants 89-74 (2nd of 5)

2008 San Francisco Giants 72-90 (4th of 5)

2018 San Francisco Giants ???

Either Brian Sabean, Bobby Evans, Dick Tidrow, and Bruce Bochy are more powerful than the ghosts and vibe of an entire franchise, or The Power of the 8 will drag the Giants across the finish line of an above .500 season.

The. Power. Of. The. 8.

{swallows very hard}


Is this all some sort of statistical coincidence? I think not! (Okay, it probably is).