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Monday BP, 5/7/18

The Giants are stockpiling catchers. Are they anticipating a catching shortage or has Nick Hundley inspired them to rebuild the organization entirely out of backstops?

San Francisco Giants  v Atlanta Braves Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Apologies for not getting one of these up Sunday morning. Doubtful you were looking for one and the 10:35am Pacific start time would’ve made one mostly irrelevant, but still, I’d like them to be consistent. Although, the content isn’t always great within them when I write one (Sami’s are always substantive, so, if you want more content, petition the managing editor to have Sami write more of them...). For instance, here are the notes I had for yesterday’s intended BP:



That’s it. All I had.

I’m not sure what more I can add to that idea, though. We have a Fanshot section. It’s... functional. You can go straight to the section via this link:

I’d like there to be more Fanshots in general. Those might not always get posted to the main page, but I’m going to start tweeting out the choice ones as I see them. Also, we have Fanposts, and some sites spotlight choice Fanposts every week. We’re definitely interested in doing that here. Tortured wrote up a great piece last month that went to the front page. There are plenty of great writers on this site who can come up with something. I know it.

The Giants made a bunch of moves over the weekend, although none of them addressed the starting pitching.

Ahhhhhhhh. Thanks, Doug!

Depth is always great, of course. A quick look at the scouting report on Tanner Murphy — uhpp, wait. I’m told that since Ryan Hanigan was just mentioned that we need to go live to


One of the many pleasures of this site is all the stuff that we’ve collected here over the years. That’s a .gif just hanging around in the uploaded image archive. It’s there for us to use in any article. Every article, if we really wanted to be dicks about it.

Hanigan had 112 plate appearances in 33 games played with the Rockies last season. He’s 37 years old and is very likely going to just be there to help Tyler Beede throw to a target.

Coming into this season, Murphy had a minor league career slugging percentage of .313. We’re also not related. Murphys are the Smiths of Ireland. He is very likely going to be there to help Shaun Anderson throw to a target.

But don’t worry. If anything happens with Hanigan, we’ll be sure to be jerks and post that .gif.

It’s Sam Dyson’s 30th birthday! Happy 30th Birthday, Sam Dyson! It’s also the day after Willie Mays’ birthday. You don’t get your own special post because you’re not Willie Mays, Sam, but I thought we should highlight because 30 is a special age. The end of your 20s is an incredibly liberating experience. The neural pruning your brain undergoes at this point in your life makes it easier to forget the “small stuff” and care far less about things that are inconsequential. This might be the year when most baseball players stop caring what fans think, for instance.

On his 29th birthday, Dyson celebrated as a member of the Texas Rangers by surrendering a home run to Kyle Seager to break a 3-3 tie, giving him his fourth loss of the season and 19th overall for the Rangers. Pitching wins and losses don’t tell us much, but being on the hook for 21% of a team’s losses and 12.5% of their overall record tells us something. He didn’t have a great season. But what a difference a year makes. The Giants have stuck with him because of his tantalizing talent, and their faith has been rewarded to this point.

I’m trying desperately to remember what happened on my 30th birthday and I don’t remember it being very eventful. What I do remember is that it came after the Giants won their first world series in San Francisco.

Oh, but I was talking about Sam Dyson. Happy Birthday, Sam! Welcome to your thirties. They are pretty great. But you will start feeling pain in weird places and you will suddenly — for no reason whatsoever — have no idea what constitutes popular music and you will stop being in the flow of what young person next becomes a celebrity. On the other hand, you have now unlocked the achievement of being seen by the Giants’ front office. Your reward is a longer (metaphorical) leash.