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Mac Williamson isn’t on today’s lineup card.

It’s your favorite: a lineup thread. It’s not your favorite: Mac Williamson’s concussion is worse than we thought.

Cleveland Indians v San Francisco Giants Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

2B Ozzie Albies
LF Ronald Acuña Jr.
1B Freddie Freeman
RF Nick Markakis
C Kurt Suzuki
3B Jose Bautista
SS Johan Camargo
P Brandon McCarthy
CF Ender Inciarte

LF Blanco
RF McCutchen
C Posey
1B Belt
3B Longoria
SS Crawford
2B Hanson
CF Hernandez
P Blach

The Alen Hanson Leadoff Hitter Experiment lasts all of one game despite positive results. Probably because he got picked off at first base late in the game. Probably because a veteran can’t be shown up in their preferred role by a younger play. Granted, Gregor Blanco isn’t a bad leadoff hitter. It’s just that Hanson’s going to get more starts at second base over the next six weeks than Blanco will in left field, so it just makes more sense to use the skill set as intended.

Blanco will be in left because, per the Mercury News’ Kerry Crowley (from whom I also got the lineup), Mac Williamson isn’t on the lineup card. No update on his condition as of yet, but with a concussion, it’s fair to assume “still not great” is the perpetual status.