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Celebrating David B. Flemming

Happy Birthday, Dave!

MLB via YouTube

David B. Flemming.

You can identify his voice on a television in a crowded bar. You rely on his excellent banter about ships and history with Jon Miller to get you through blowouts. His voice on the radio guides you home on a long drive.

To quote the Giants’ slogan this year, “It Doesn’t Get More SF” than Dave Flemming calling a baseball game. And we are lucky to have him, hopefully for a long time to come.

In honor of Dave’s birthday, let’s take a listen to a couple of great calls and funny moments.

[Also, it should be noted that there is not nearly enough Dave Flemming content available on the internet. So if you’ve got more, please share them below.]

Matt Cain’s Perfect Game

Edgar Renteria’s 3-run home run, Game 5 of the 2010 World Series

Last out of the 2012 World Series

Dave and Jon, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dave! We hope we get to celebrate many more with you.

Feel free to share your favorite videos, audio links, articles, gifs and stories below to join in the festivities!