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Lineup Thread 5/30

Offensive production is possible if only you just believe.

MLB: Colorado Rockies at San Francisco Giants Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

With some tinkering, a potential upgrade on defense and the sheer unpredictability of baseball, the Giants could very well manage to make off with a win before they head back to San Francisco.

Brandon Belt moves back to the cleanup spot, while Kelby Tomlinson has been subbed out for Pablo Sandoval at second base. At this point, and no personal offense is meant, but it’s hard to know what the defensive difference is there. Everyone has a really bad day now and then, and for Tomlinson, that day was yesterday. So it shouldn’t come as a shock to him that he’s riding the bench today.

With Joe Panik and Alen Hansen getting close to wrapping up rehab assignments, hopefully we won’t have to repeat The Pablo Sandoval at Second Base Experience any time soon. Until then, let’s just hope the twisted, cruel baseball gods that control the fates of those who play at Coors Field turn the tides in our favor for one measly game.

/checks Derek Holland’s numbers at Coors Field


I mean, I guess I’ve seen worse. He’s only faced the Rockies twice in his career, once this season at home, where he gave up four runs on six hits. And once with the White Sox last season, where he gave up seven runs (six earned) on seven hits, including two home runs, lasting only four innings.

This is fine.

This is all fine.