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Meanwhile, on Instagram...

Social media is where it’s at!

Facebook To Acquire Photosharing Site Instagram For One Billion Dollars Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The content mines are deeper and richer than we could have every possibly imagined. Not only do players play games for us to watch, enjoy, and dissect, they also catalogue their entire lives for us. We learned the other day that the Giants celebrated Evan Longoria and Johnny Cueto’s official anniversary day as 10-year big leaguers, and today we got to see just exactly what the team did for them:

It’s a great gesture and required only a little bit of effort on the team’s part. If you’ve spent any time in the work force or read about the Orioles or Mets, then you know that it’s rare to find organizations spending even a modicum of time cultivating and maintaining relationships with their personnel. And, technically, the longer a player is in the big leagues, the more rights he gains, and so the Giants, in theory, could’ve been real jerks about it because they have fewer ways to control two of their pricey veterans than they did only a week ago. But enough about the economic angle of human relationships...

Let’s check in on Andrew McCutchen, who has personality for daaaaaaaays and is getting plenty of space from the fans in terms of his performance because we love him so much.

I mean, he’s got a sharp style


A post shared by Andrew McCutchen (@cutchtwenty2) on

A quality sense of humor

And, he’s not afraid to

Dry Needling after HBP feels...real good.

A post shared by Andrew McCutchen (@cutchtwenty2) on

AAAAAAGH! WHY!? I wasn’t expecting that. He is, of course, trying to redirect or dissipate the pain in his elbow after sustaining a hit by pitch there the other day, and apparently he’s redirected it into our souls as psychic discomfort.

But that’s the sort of thing you could only get on Instagram. You’re not going to find it on an MLB Blog or a YouTube channel. Instagram swarmed and conquered the Intimate Life Picture space and now it’s up to each of us to decide if we want to go there to participate. Personally, I am all the way out. I like pictures as much as the next picture enjoyer, but I don’t want to spend half an hour scrolling through a timeline of people’s vacations and what they ate. I’d much rather read the cesspool that is Twitter, which naturally says way more about me than Instagram.

Should McCovey Chronicles expand into the Instagram universe? I’m on the fence. Turns out, I’m a better writer than a photographer...

For example, here’s a picture of our cat as taken by my girlfriend.

Now that same cat only a few days earlier, but photographed by me

On the other hand, I’d love to get Natto & Sean Gothman’s artwork out there into the world as much as possible. What do you think?


McC Instagram account?

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