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Thursday BP, 5/3/18

I just like the header picture.

San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers

First up, I wanted to make sure you all saw this because I thought it was wonderful:

David Roth is a beautiful person and perhaps an even more exquisite writer. Kirt Manwaring and Mike Aldrete have always been my go-to “random Giants”, mainly because they were never random to me. I had a Mike Aldrete poster on my wall from the ages of 7-11 and together with Manwaring, they were my first foray into figuring out how to pronounce weird baseball names. Dan Quisenberry was next on that list.

Second, and most importantly, allow me to introduce Kenneth Kelly, McCovey Chronicles’ Staff Writer. He’s been writing for BP Wrigleyville of late and so it’ll be interesting to see how many times he lets slip that he’s the biggest Cubs fan this side of Jack White. I’ll set the over under for his first month at 6.5.

He’ll be writing all of the series previews going forward (important because the Braves have so many ridiculously talented young players that I’ve lost track and don’t have the writerly ability to properly convey the magnitude of that talent to best explain how they will pummel the Giants this weekend), handling at least half the recaps, and providing some more detailed analytical content on occasion. You may harass him via Twitter at @KennyKellyWords.