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Somebody named a thoroughbred horse after Tim Lincecum.

He might be for sale. In the meantime, you can watch him ride around the ‘pen — not the bullpen lol!

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Los Angeles Angels Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

TB = Thoroughbred and gelding = castrated horse, usually a male.

Here is a TB Thoroughbred named Lincecum. I don’t know why he’s named Lincecum 2008 or what the 2008 stands for, but that’s exactly how I found this video: looking for Tim Lincecum video highlights from 2008.

Be warned: if your YouTube settings are such that the next video autoplays, know that the next video it recommends following this one is a how-to on gelding a horse. So, if you want to watch a horse castration when you really just came here for baseball stuff... go for it.

10 years ago, he defeated the Diamondbacks 6-3. Bengie Molina and Jose Castillo homered and Lincecum went to 7-1 in what would be the first of two Cy Young seasons.

I’m talking about the man, not the horse, of course.