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Brandon Crawford might have ruined the family trip

His two-run home run looked like a Shakespearean tragedy involving the Crawford clan.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Houston Astros Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

The Crawford and Cole families came together in Houston this week expecting Gerrit’s Astros to walk all over Brandon’s team and for the two-day trip to be all about family fun.

And then Brandon, whose entire baseball career has been bathed in nothing but success, had to go and ruin it by doing this.

Now the entire family is going to have to hear about it at every future family gathering. And there’s not a lot of backtalk-as-self-defense that can happen, either.

GERRIT COLE: Hey, Brandon. Good to see you. How did it feel losing 98 games again?
BRANDON CRAWFORD: It doesn’t feel that bad. I mean, it probably feels worse joining the World Series champions the year after they won the World Series. Tough break about the Division Series. Shohei—
GERRIT COLE: We don’t speak that name in this house.

This probably follows all the times Brandon Crawford asked Gerrit Cole about the 2014 Wild Card game or how it feels to be so good but to never win any awards. I’m saying it’s entirely possible that, when it comes to his baseball exploits, Brandon Crawford is insufferable.