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Wednesday BP, 5/23/18

An all-Brandon edition.

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MLB: Oakland Athletics at San Francisco Giants Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It sure is a good time to be a Giant named Brandon. For your reading pleasure, this morning, here are a few links to some great pieces about our favorite Brandons.

First up, in his own words over at the Brandon and Brandon blog, Brandon Crawford writes about who helped change his swing, and how he’s paying it forward:

A Little Help From My Friends

Next up is a piece from Andrew Baggarly over at The Athletic who took a look at what has been going right for the Brandons and the rest of the Giants as they have become the most dominant offense in the NL West.

On Brandon Belt’s ascent, a blooming May for Brandon Crawford and how the Giants became the NL West’s top offense

Finally, here’s a somewhat similar piece by Kerry Crowley of The Mercury News that focuses on Brandon Belt in particular. Crowley takes a deep dive into the numbers to come up with some very fun facts about how Belt has taken the National League by storm this year.

Brandon Belt is clearly an All-Star, but is he even more valuable than that?