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The Definitive Brandon Belt T-Shirt

BreakingT has captured Brandon Belt’s Player of the Week-winning week in this striking cotton blend.

Brandon Belt was just named the National League’s Player of the Week in part because he hit 5 home runs over seven days. He also got into some trouble arguing the strike zone with Doug Eddings. But Belt knows the strike zone, probably better than anyone! And to commemorate his performance for the week and for calling out Doug Eddings and for his historic 21-pitch at bat earlier this season, BreakingT has made this hot new shirt:

They’re the ones responsible for the Let Pablo Pitch shirt you’ll be seeing everywhere for the rest of your life:

If you still want that shirt, get it here.

But one more thing about the Belt shirt: this one was Grant’s idea, so, it’s automatically better than 90% of the t-shirt ideas out there in the wild. You already read Grant’s ideas and love Brandon Belt’s likeness... so why not wear the one thing that combines them?

Order your Belt Knows Best shirt by clicking on this link.