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The second 3-homer game of Barry Bonds’ career happened on this date in 2001. is no help with the video here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t watch some Bonds hit some other dingers.

MLB: Spring Training-San Francisco Giants at Milwaukee Brewers Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Barry Bonds had four 3-homer games in his career, and it was on this very date, May 19, 2001, that he had the second such game of his career. All four came with the Giants, by the way, because the Giants were extremely lucky to sign him and have it all work out, and two of them came during his record-breaking 73 home run season in 2001.

This second game of which I speak came against the Atlanta Braves in Atlanta... only, I can’t find any video of it. So instead, here is video of Bonds’ second 3-homer game of the 2001 season, which came against the Colorado Rockies in Colorado. Now, it actually kinda works for the weekend, since the Rockies are in town, but oh man, do I wish I could see the ones from this game again.

Odalis Perez, Jose Cabrera, and Jason Marquis are exactly the type of pitchers Bonds padded that home run total against and that didn’t make his accomplishments any less spectacular. This was the 2001 Braves, too, so it’s not like they were yet in their franchise’s post-Maddux decline phase here. Anyway, here are the ones from this game against Colorado: